Valentine’s Day Ideas & House Cleaning Coupons

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Valentine’s Day Ideas & House Cleaning Coupons

It’s tough to come up with creative Valentine’s Day ideas. Sure, you have likely gone through the usual tactics of roses, flowers, and all things related, but what about taking it to the next level of creativity? We scoured the web for you and identified some cool, unique, and unconventional approaches to celebrating Valentine’s Day:

Experience your city as a tourist: We love this idea. Perhaps it has been ages since you last went to Ghirardelli Square Santa Monica Pier or Mission Beach in San Diego. We suggest taking it one step further – go to a classic franchise restaurant like Applebee’s or Chili’s and try something that you probably haven’t eaten since your college days. Sounds cheesy – about as cheesy as jalapeno poppers for appetizers – but it will surely be worth it!

Group date: Call some of your close friends who have a significant other and host an intimate get-together at someone’s place. As suggests, men can buy flowers, cook, and serve their significant others while they put together some cool games to play afterward. Mix in some alcohol, chocolates, and good company and it would be an awesome Valentine’s Day outing!

Create a custom gift: Go beyond the normal rigmarole of chocolates or fancy dinners and try to create something that truly represents you and what your significant other would appreciate. For example, suggests a custom-blend herbal tea – which is a great idea. Or perhaps incorporate your significant other’s key vitals – birth date, age, interests, or ancestry among other things into a custom-made gift. Sometimes it is not about the cost but truly the thought that counts.

Farmers Market: OK, so we admit there is probably nothing more urbanesque than visiting the local farmers market. I’m sure those in Santa Monica or San Francisco are rolling their eyes as they do this every weekend anyway. But if you haven’t been in a while then it really is worth a visit. These markets have some really interesting items to sell. It is not just about “locally sourced organic produce”, but the additional bells and whistles you might find. For example, you might find people selling unique pasta infused with unique flavors, different kinds of hot sauces, unconventional meats and veggies, pickled side dishes of various kinds, and all kinds of other stuff. Commit to source your entire dinner at the market and enjoy eating in!

Beach picnic:

Only we Californians can truly have this opportunity. It has been one of the warmest winters on the west coast so in fact going to the beach in February makes complete sense. So pack that perfect picnic meal and enjoy a warm, cozy beach outing. Weather reports estimate most West Coast cities – San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Orange County, and Riverside County, will have a warm February 14th!

This year we have some amazing Valentine’s Day deals. Get a deep cleaning of your home at a deep-discounted price. It’s as simple as prioritizing what is most important to you (or to your significant other) and reviewing the list with your house cleaners. Give the cleaners enough time to get through your priorities and you won’t be disappointed. Order a “True Love Cleaning” (deep cleaning – 6 hours or more) and receive at least $15 off of the service. When booking, ask our service specialists to include your top priorities in the work order – things like baseboards, blinds, ovens, stovetops, floors, any accessible windows, and anything else you want. Like us on Facebook to get the coupon! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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