Preparing a property for a transaction can be a taxing experience. Whether it is to overhaul the home after a bad tenancy, prepare the home for new tenants, ready the home for a showing, or get the home professionally cleaned prior to a sale/purchase, the entire process can be draining. Our agency has deep experience in working with individual property owners, professional property managers, Realtors, vacation rental managers, and of course tenants!

The reality of transaction-based cleanings is that when ownership or tenantship changes hands, the cleaning effort required can be significant. The domestic workers referred by Weekend Maids Referral Agency have deep experience in providing services that meet the demands of transaction-based situations. Moreover, Weekend Maids Referral Agency can assist with the scheduling so that your service providers are scheduled in a seamless schedule that reduces the burden on your personal time.

Get the property looking the way it needs to in order to rent or sell. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you!

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