Thanksgiving Holiday: Where To Go & How to Avoid Cooking & Cleaning

If the idea of having your family over for Thanksgiving makes you feel worn out even before it begins, you may want to reconsider changing your plans for the holiday for something that brings you more joy. If seeing your family is something you don’t want to miss, but you could skip the cooking and …

Thanksgiving Preparations: A Delicious Side Dish & Kitchen Cleaning Tips

While turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving main dish, it’s the side dishes that bring to the table a variety of flavors to make dinners much richer, diverse and interesting.

3 Tips to Clean Your House After Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that many of us enjoy, regardless of our age. The fun of choosing a spooky custom, eating candy and decorating your house to receive tick or treaters is something that very few want to miss.

Autumn Recipes: Pear Cobbler With Autumn Spices

Autumn is a great time to have some fun in the kitchen, it’s excellent to try out new recipes that make you feel warm and comforting.

4 Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your House for Fall

There is a certain something in the weather that tells us that although it’s officially summer, fall it’s on its way. The change of light intensity and color, a gentle drop in temperature, the days getting shorter and even your choice in clothes are all indicators that a new season is about to start and …

4 Cleaning Rules to Keep Your House Clean All Throughout the Year

When it comes to cleaning, everyone follows their own house cleaning schedule as well as having particular cleaning habits and their own choice of cleaning products. As diverse as our cleaning preferences may be, there are certain general rules that we should all follow in order to keep our houses clean and organized most of …

Santa Catalina Island: Weekend Getaways in California (& How to Manage House Cleaning Chores)

For most of us, weekends give us the precious time that we normally use to do everything we couldn’t do over the weekdays.

How To Keep Your Home Hair-Free When Your Pets Are Shedding

As much as we love our pets, there are times when their constant shedding makes our love for them turn into desperation.

Keep Your House Clean For Longer With These 4 Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your house can be hard, but keeping it tidy can be even harder.

3 Tips to Speed Up Your House Cleaning

Time is always an important factor to consider when cleaning a home. With the many activities to do during a day (work, family, friends, and taking care of yourself), cleaning oftentimes is a chore that everyone wants to finish as fast as possible, for as soon as you get it done, you will have more …

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