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Natural Air Fresheners

Artificial air fresheners contain toxins and are not a viable and safe solution to keeping the air in the home ‘clean’. You can find chemicals and toxins in many everyday things, such as pots, pans, and mattresses. Over time, these release into the air and pollute the indoor environment. While it may not be possible …

Why use a referral agency for housecleaning?

Today you have a lot of choices for cleaning your home – beyond the obvious option to clean the home yourself, there are a variety of professional service providers in the marketplace providing cleaning services.

Get Holiday Ready!

With all the stress of cooking, preparation, and gifting, the last thing you want is to tackle the mess left. If no one thought to give you a gift card for maid service, here are a few ways to handle the clean-up before it happens.

Cleaning Tips for New And Expectant Mothers


For the first timers, many activities such as basic chores will become a burden to carry on. Imagine that all your chores disappeared with the click of a button – wouldn’t that be great? Truth is, this won’t happen realistically.

How to host a party without wrecking your house or apartment.

Weekend Maids

Is better to have a clean start before your guest arrive, that way you will only  clean what is being used that night by them. If you prepared appetizers or something else, you should clean all pans and pots you used.

5 Amazing Tips for a Cool Summer

House Cleaning Services in California | Weekend Maids

Summer is to be enjoyed outdoors – at the beach with a cold drink in your hand. The last thing you want to have to deal with is house cleaning. But if you really have to clean your house, it’s better to do it in an effective way to make the best out of your efforts, so that you can keep on enjoying the sunny days.

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