What is a Referral Agency

Referral Agencies register independent workers offering various home services to clients – hereafter referred to as ‘domestics’. The domestics make their own choices about when and where they want jobs. Domestics also set their own rates for their service. The fees you as a Client pay include both the domestic’s fees and the Agency’s fees.

Why would I use a Referral Agency?

Referral Agencies minimize the consumer’s costs while maximizing the domestic’s income and reducing the underground economy. It’s a win-win-win! Referral Agencies attract domestics who choose to work through an Agency in order to increase their income and receive a 1099 at year-end. Without Referral Agencies, these domestics would more likely work as “private” workers and contribute to the underground economy. Moreover, the domestics are responsible for their work, ensuring there is greater accountability for the services provided. Customers tell us the quality of independent domestics is significantly higher than those of “employed” workers.

Are the professionals who service my property Weekend Maids employees?

Weekend Maids is a referral agency for housecleaning and home services. The domestics we work with are independent workers. Weekend Maids Referral Agency is not the employer of the domestic worker it referred to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with him or her. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and worker’s compensation, under state and federal law. For additional information, contact your local Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

Do the domestics bring supplies, or do I need to provide them?

The domestics bring all of their own cleaning supplies and equipment. However, if you have a concern about their supplies you may provide your own.

Am I required to pay tips to the domestics? How do I do that?

While domestics appreciate gratuities, it is not a requirement. But if you wish to tip, please do so directly with the domestics.

How do you handle any breakage, damage or loss?

The domestics are independent workers and are not the employees of Weekend Maids. Any breakage, damage, or loss should be notified to the office within 24 hours. The office will contact the domestic who will contact you to discuss the loss. The domestic is responsible for any breakage, damage, or loss.

How do I reschedule or cancel my cleaning appointment?

It’s really simple. Just contact our office (during normal business hours) 4 days hours in advance of the cleaning appointment, and we’ll make the change. If the notice is less than 4 days then there may be a charge of $75 (or more if the service is 6 man-hours or more). If a domestic reaches your house and is unable to enter the property to provide service there will be a $75 lockout charge (or more if the service is 6 man-hours or more).

What if my appointment is on a holiday?

You may contact the office 4 days before the holiday and we will reschedule the appointment. We always try to contact you a few days before the holiday and reschedule the appointment per your convenience. It may be possible to keep the work schedule on certain holidays. Please note that our rates are higher on weekends and holidays.

I am a regular customer. What if I forget to leave payment?

Please note that payment is due at the time of service. We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Card payments. Only cash and credit cards are accepted for the first-time service. Please note we charge a processing fee for credit card transactions. We will contact you if payment is not received or if the credit card did not go through. You can update the credit card information or send us the payment immediately. A bounced check or declined credit card may incur a processing charge of $25 and, if necessary, subsequent legal action.

Can I leave my key for future service calls?

There are several options to make the property accessible for the domestic. You can leave the door unlocked or leave a key under the mat on the day of service. If you decide to leave a key with the domestic, you may choose to have the domestic hold on to it, or have them return they key when the cleaning is finished. Based on your convenience and comfort level, you can choose any method.

Why do you give a 1 to 2 hour window for the domestics to arrive?

The one-hour window is to cover any unforeseen circumstances. For example, the previous service call may take longer than expected or the domestics may be delayed by traffic or weather conditions. In the event of a delay the office or domestic will contact you accordingly. Services in areas that are known to have heavy traffic (e.g. Los Angeles County) require a 2-hour window of arrival.

What if I’m not satisfied with the service?

Most problems can be resolved before they even happen by talking to the domestics and specifying what needs to be done. Additionally, we always request that you check the work when the service is finished. If there is a concern about the service and the domestic has already left the property, you can call the office and we will request the domestics to work it out directly with you. Another domestic can be arranged if you are unable to reach a resolution. That is the beauty of working with a Referral Agency.

How do I get the best results in cleaning?

We always recommend that you be present at the property through the course of the service. It’s best to spend a few minutes talking to your domestic about your service priorities, as well as check the work before s/he leaves. This is an easy way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the work done.

How do I send comments about your referral service?

We welcome your comments anytime. Please call us 877-586-4800 or write to us. Our corporate HQ is located at: 9393 Activity Road, Suite #D, San Diego, CA 92126.

Can I get the same domestics every time?

Yes, provided the domestic wishes to accept the ongoing referral.

Can I hire the domestics directly?

Customers can hire the domestics directly for a fixed referral fee. Please call the office for additional details.

What if I need the cleaners to stay longer?

Because every home is different and every client’s requirements are unique, the actual time and effort required to service a property varies. You may request the domestic workers to stay longer (provided you are agreeable to the extra charges and the domestic workers are available to stay). Domestic workers reserve the right to renegotiate rates with clients.

Can I buy a Gift Certificate from you?

Yes, we offer Gift Certificates! You can call the office, provide necessary details, and purchase one.

What if I need the domestic workers to come back to my property?

We always recommend customers to check the final result of the service before signing the invoice. If you need the domestic workers to come back for additional work, it is treated as a new service and regular rates will apply.

Are domestic workers available every day of the week?

Yes, Weekend Maids offers domestic referrals all 7 days. The rates are different for weekends and holidays.

Do you have any promotional rates or coupons?

Weekend Maids Referral Agency regularly offers promotional rates throughout the year. Please check our coupons page for current promotions.

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