A regular cleaning can be customized to suit your priorities. Many customers do not always desire a detailed service but rather a surface cleaning of the home. For most customers it is often the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting around the home. By and large many of our customers rely on the general cleaning to maintain their home in clean condition.

The motivations are what you might expect to hear – both spouses are working full-time and it is difficult to allocate time for house cleaning; roommate is moving out and just a portion of the house needs a once-over; guests are coming over for dinner and between picking the kids up from school, preparing dinner, and getting yourself ready there just isn’t time to get the house cleaned. The reasons are countless – but the outcome needs to be the same: a clean house!

A regular cleaning is almost always comprised of cleaning of some core areas of the home: bathrooms, floors, kitchen, and dusting. Oftentimes customers do not want the cleaners to spend time cleaning the insides of things (that would constitute a detailed cleaning), but you can always customize the cleaning to your liking. We encourage you to speak with your service provider for specific requirements related to your service.

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