Tis the season… for spring cleaning

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Tis the season… for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning by Weekend MaidsOn March 19, 2013 we in the Northern Hemisphere mark an important milestone in the calendar year – the end of winter! And subsequently we welcome the spring season upon us. Spring brings with it so many changes to our surroundings and lifestyle. The children are eagerly anticipating their Spring Break from school, hobbyist gardeners are planting seeds for the summer harvest, birds seem to find their voices again to greet the warming mornings, and families begin the annual effort to overhaul their homes for house cleaning.

What is about spring that motivates families to deep-clean their home?deep spring cleaning According to Wikipedia, the roots of spring cleaning date back to ancient times – with some theories rooted in ancient Persian and Jewish cultures suggesting that a massive cleaning of the home was necessary in anticipation of important festivals. In North America, it seems the spring cleaning effort had a more practical significance – it was finally warm enough to open the windows and doors, and with the added ventilation it was easier to air out the smell of cleaning supplies.

We are in a unique position to be able to hear the variety of interesting requests from customers regarding spring cleaning. Some customers want nothing more than a detailed cleaning of their home, including bathrooms, kitchen, common living areas, and floors. Others take advantage of the season to explore a much more thorough cleaning effort – whereby customers request removal of all items in cabinets and drawers, complete cleaning inside and outside, along with a top-to-bottom cleaning of the rest of the home. Some block off the entire day and order maid service for a large chunk of time – usually requesting the house cleaners to not only clean but help with organizing and reassessing what belongs where. It is truly a fascinating exercise to hear the unique requirements of each and every customer. We are privileged to be able to accommodate most if not all of our customers’ house cleaning needs.

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Now is a great time to plan your annual spring cleaning. My suggestion is to start by considering the scope of the overall house cleaning – exactly how much do you want to get cleaned? Is there a risk to biting off more than you can chew? What can do you do in the home in order to ensure an efficient house cleaning service by professionals? Who in the family is going to be involved with the effort? Most of these decisions can be made quickly – just know that we are here to help and help can be provided in a number of different ways. Whether it is to discuss how to tackle your spring cleaning, set up a new house cleaning service for the big day (or days), or just add new requirements to a scheduled service, we are here 7 days of the week for our customers. There are great discounts on spring cleaning packages through April – give us a call to learn more.

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