The ultimate guide to carpet stains

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The ultimate guide to carpet stains

The worst thing that can happen to a rug or carpet is to get stains all over. Not only are they the number one reason people decide to replace them, but they can make your room look unappealing.

But don’t worry, we have a few aces under our sleeve and we want to share them with you, so keep on reading if you want to know the secrets to a stain-free carpet.

One golden rule is to never, ever, ever scrub a carpet stain. You don’t want to spread the stain but contain it as much as possible. Pushing the stain deeper into the fibers will make it leak onto the padding and this will prevent the stain from expanding.

To remove the stain you need to have the right approach and that means using the right tools to take it out.

So let’s begin with the easiest of them all. About ⅕ of all the carpet stains can be removed using water-based cleaning products that most of us have already lying around the house. Usually, these types of stains originate from food and beverages.

With this kind of carpet stain, the goal is to act as quickly as possible and try to remove it while is still fresh or wet.

Using a mixture of vinegar and water blot the stain, don’t rub it as this will only increase the stain’s radio.

Pet stains

One of the most common stains is pet feces and urine which, to clean it, try to remove as much of it as possible from the surface. In case it is dry already try to moisten it with vinegar to remove bad smells. There are a few products specially made to remove this kind of stain – having a bottle around the house can come in quite handy.

Oil-based stains

The only thing worse than dropping a scoop of your favorite peanut butter is the stain it will leave on your precious carpet. To remove it, try using baking soda – sprinkle some over the stain. The baking soda will absorb any moisture and it won’t damage the carpet fiber. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for a few minutes, then vacuum any remaining residue.


Spray the stain area with water and then dry it with paper towels. Use the baking soda and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then vacuum.

Blood and Wine

Make a mix of cold water and detergent, pour it over the stain, and use a cloth or towel to blot dry. The red color should stick to the towel.

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