Shine Bright: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Football Gloves

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Shine Bright: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Football Gloves

From helmets, shoulder pads, and cleats to gloves, Football requires a lot of equipment. Compared to other equipment, gloves do not feature as essential equipment in football as these are hardly used in the field. 

But there is another side of the coin also. Despite not so important equipment, a football player needs gloves to catch the ball. Football gloves are usually made from sensitive materials which means that you cannot wash them in a laundry as you wash your other clothes. 

But cleaning the football gloves is also essential as this can make or mar your performance on the ground. No more wondering- How to clean football gloves as we have got you covered. 

Here are some simple steps to clean the football gloves like a pro in this post. 

Ways To Clean Football Gloves

Hand wash your gloves

Hand-washing gloves are always regarded as the best way to clean football gloves. Before you wash your gloves, prepare a cleaning solution. Simply fill the sink with lukewarm water and fill it with mild detergent. Give it a good mix and then scrub your gloves. 

Put the gloves in the cleaning solution and then scrub the gloves with your fingertips. Pay more heed to the areas where you notice any stains or accumulated dirt. Lastly, rinse the football gloves with a cold water cycle and allow them to dry completely

You can also use denture cleaning tablets in place of soap to clean your football gloves. Also, bear one thing in mind refrain from using hot water as this can damage your gloves. Consequently, prefer lukewarm water only.

Cleaning gloves in the washing Machine

Another way to clean football gloves is to machine wash them. Usually, the gloves require to be cleaned by hand but some gloves can be easily washed in the washing machine. It depends on the fabric of the glove. 

Before washing football gloves in the washing machine, make sure to read the cleaning instructions. Also, turn your gloves inside out when washing these in the machine as the outside of the garment experiences a harsher ride. 

Turning your football gloves inside out protects the grips and also reduces the chances of damage resulting from wear and tear. Do not let the gloves be in the washing machine for too long as high heat can damage the glove’s components. 

The best way is to wash in cold water on a delicate cycle by adding a mild laundry detergent to the cleaning solution. Lastly do not forget to air dry the gloves. 

Eliminate foul odors and other damages

Whether you wash the football gloves by hand or in a washing machine, your prime concern should be to eliminate the foul odors and other damages. As you’ll be repeatedly washing the gloves, it is bound to get a little bit damaged.

Thankfully, you can lower the damage by preventing not washing after every single use. Make it a habit or routine to wash the gloves once a week. Simply leave your gloves open out in the air to dry the sweat or other such moisture. 

As far as the foul odor coming out from the football gloves is concerned, you can eliminate this smell by keeping gloves under the newspaper, dryer sheets, or the likewise.

Wrapping Up

Using the above-mentioned steps, you can easily clean the football gloves and give your best performance on the ground. In case, you feel any difficulty in cleaning the gloves and notice some damage, then the best way forward is to opt for professional cleaning services and get washed gloves

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