Santa Catalina Island: Weekend Getaways in California (& How to Manage House Cleaning Chores)

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Santa Catalina Island: Weekend Getaways in California (& How to Manage House Cleaning Chores)

For most of us, weekends give us the precious time that we normally use to do everything we couldn’t do over the weekdays. For example, doing laundry, buying groceries, and cleaning the house. If there is any time left we use it for simple recreational activities such as watching a movie or going to the beach. But what if you could have the whole weekend to treat yourself like a king or a queen and do something much more interesting than doing laundry and folding clothes? If you’re thinking that’s impossible with only 48 hours, think again.

Although California is a pretty large state, 840 miles on the coastline to be more precise, it is possible to visit the many places our beautiful state has to offer – and depending on where you live 48 hours can be just enough for a weekend getaway to break the routine. One of those amazing destinations is Santa Catalina Island.

About Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island is one of the most popular destinations in Southern California. It is a rocky island with extraordinary natural beauty. It’s only 35 miles long and 8 miles wide that you can explore either by foot or in a golf cart (no cars are allowed here). It was originally settled by the Native Americans, then claimed by the Spanish Empire, then transferred to Mexico, and eventually transferred to the United States.

There are many activities to do here and the island is a natural playground that has everything for all types of tourism. You can hike, take a zip line tour, fish, SCUBA dive, rest at the beach, golf, watch a movie, shop, go to the spa, camp or kayak, and everything you need to spend a comfortable and amazing weekend.

To get there and make the best out of your time, catch the earliest ferry boat either from San Pedro, Dana Point, Newport Beach, or Long Beach. As a suggestion, take Dramamine if you tend to get dizzy on boats because although ferries are of considerable size, sometimes the sea can be a little choppy.

As for the house cleaning chores that you normally take care of over the weekend, you have two options, one is distributing your tasks along the weekdays, here is an example:

  • Monday

    Clean bathrooms using scrub-free products to finish faster. You can wipe and disinfect your counters with the same product you used to clean your showers to enhance productivity.

  • Tuesday

    Tidy up the living room, organize remote controls, and pick up any dishes, toys, or clothes from the coffee table or surrounding areas

  • Wednesday

    As soon as you reach home do laundry, put all your dirty clothes in the washer, and relax while it’s being washed.

  • Thursday

    Tidy up the bedrooms, vacuum/sweep/mop floors, and change the bed sheets.

  • Friday

    Wash all your dishes after having dinner and tell your family the kitchen is closed!

The second option (and easiest), is scheduling a house cleaning with professional maids who can take care of all your housecleaning needs in just one single day, and with zero effort from your side. That way when the weekend comes, you can enjoy the views from your window on the ferry to Catalina, instead of using that time to take a nap.

We hope you found this information helpful and encouraging to get out there and enjoy what California has to offer. Don’t forget to give us a call to schedule your next house-cleaning service!

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