Natural Disinfectant Recipes & House Cleaning Coupons

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Natural Disinfectant Recipes & House Cleaning Coupons

Many customers ask us about whether natural cleaners are effective in cleaning homes. The short answer is yes, but of course, it depends on the condition of the house or area. Natural cleaners are very popular amongst folks with allergies or with people who simply do not like the smell of cleaning chemicals. Here are some recipes that are worth exploring:

Stain Remover: Mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide + 1 part dishwashing liquid. This mixture can be sprayed on an area and then rubbed in and washed out. Because it has hydrogen peroxide it is recommended that you try it first in an inconspicuous area.

Disinfectant: Mix 1 part water + 1 part rubbing alcohol. This solution can be sprayed on a surface and then left there to dry. The alcohol will disinfect the area and then vaporize as will the water. You can always wipe down afterward if you don’t want any small water spots.

Glass Cleaner: Mix 1 part water + 1 part vinegar. Use in a spray bottle just as you would any glass cleaner. Sure the smell of vinegar might be off-putting at first but it does go away pretty quickly.

Another Disinfectant Spray (Fancy): This recipe is a bit more involved with the ingredients but you will get a very fragrant mixture that does indeed work. Mix ½ cup vodka + ½ cup water + 15 drops Rosemary essential oil + 25 drops Wild Orange essential oil + 15 drops Eucalyptus essential oil + 15 drops Lavender essential oil. The author of this recipe insists that alcohol is required for disinfection.

All-purpose Cleaner: This recipe calls for a slightly different set of ingredients. Mix 1 tsp borax + ½ washing soda + 1 tsp liquid castile soap + essential oils as preferred (author recommends 4 drops lemon + 4 drops lavender + 10 drops orange). Put this mixture in a spray bottle and add 2 cups of warm water, preferably distilled.

The web has countless recipes for all-natural cleaners and most of them, with some exceptions, have the same foundation of ingredients: vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, washing soda, castile soap, and essential oils for some level of cleaning power but primarily for fragrance.

The next time you need to get a house cleaning done professionally, give your house cleaner one of these mixtures and see if it makes a difference for your home. Because customer preferences vary we always suggest you provide your mixture to the professional housecleaner. Let us know if one of these (or another altogether) worked for your needs in the comments below. If you need a deep cleaning for the summer season, use the special $25 coupon available now for a limited time (some restrictions apply; please call for details).

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