Natural Air Fresheners

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Natural Air Fresheners

Artificial air fresheners contain toxins and are not a viable and safe solution to keeping the air in the home ‘clean’. You can find chemicals and toxins in many everyday things, such as pots, pans, and mattresses. Over time, these are released into the air and pollute the indoor environment. While it may not be possible to entirely remove these toxins from the home, there are a few ways you can reduce them and naturally freshen the air inside your home.

Beeswax candles – These are all-natural and are very good at cleaning the air. They are a great alternative to traditional candles, which can release all kinds of chemicals into the air. Beeswax candles do not release very much smoke, and they clean the air by a natural chemical reaction, much like a traditional electric air purifier. Negative ions are released by the burning beeswax and they attach to dust particles and toxins, and essentially “clean the air”.

Essential oils – These are great when used with a diffuser, but you can also create a natural spray. These oils have been known to reduce toxins in the home – and some even have antibacterial properties (i.e. tea tree oil). Here is one of my favorite recipes for a handy spray to have around the home:

• 1 spray bottle – 4 oz

• 3 oz water

• 2 tablespoons alcohol

• 6 drops of ginger essential oil

• 15 drops of lemon essential oil

• 15 drops of sweet orange essential oil

Combine these in the bottle and spray to your heart’s content. You can make the scent more floral by adding lavender essential oil or geranium essential oil.

Run the fan on your HVAC – Try running the fan on your AC for a couple of hours. The intake vent will have a filter – something that you will want to change with every season. If you are very sensitive to dust, make sure to get a filter that can capture microscopic allergens. These are readily available online or at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The air gets filtered as the AC sucks air in and then pumps out the clean air back into the home.

Air purifiers – There are plenty of options now for a traditional electric air purifier. As mentioned earlier, these work by releasing negative ions which attached to dust particles and toxins. Some, unfortunately, release ozone as a byproduct of the cleaning process, so be sure to get one that is approved by the California EPA.

Cleaning the air in the home without chemicals is an important part of wellness. A clean home leads to peace of mind, and peace of mind leads to happiness. If we can be part of your wellness solution, give our cleaning service in San Diego a call!

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