Minimalism (=Peace of Mind)

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Minimalism (=Peace of Mind)

You may have heard about minimalism, but do you know what it’s like to be a minimalist, and the benefits of it? Well, this quarantine has given you a great opportunity to change your habits and live a simpler lifestyle minimalist lifestyle.  

Minimalism is almost exactly what it implies, living with less. But this doesn’t just mean fewer items in your home, it also means fewer financial burdens or unnecessary expenses. Minimalists tend to live a life based on experiences and interactions rather than items or possessions.  So how can someone become a minimalist? 

According to, there are eight easy ways to become a minimalist. Everyone is different, and downsizing could be different for everyone. It could be donating extra clothes in your closet, or even just getting rid of unnecessary junk around the house. Find a way to get rid of things in a way that will work for you. A tip to help you declutter-use it or lose it. If you haven’t used an item in the past year, you probably aren’t going to use it in the future. If you are motivated, try pushing your “Use it or Lose it” time-lapse to six months! We are often emotionally tied to some items like photo albums or things that bring back memories. Letting go of these sentimental items might be hard, but there are ways that you can still declutter while still “keeping” these special items. For example, if you have any old photos that are important, you can use an online storage app to save those photos, but not take up space in your home. Something that might be quite easy to get rid of is double items. For instance, if you have two of the same object, why not throw away the extra one? This tip might not be a common tip but combines the uses of items. If you keep five separate things, when there is a product that combines the uses of all of them, why keep five different items? Minimizing space is also a great way to be organized. Instead of using extra counter space to store things, utilize empty walls. You can add floating shelves, racks, hooks, and many other things to help you create extra space. Once you have worked towards becoming a minimalist, you need to maintain your work! Don’t bring so much clutter into your home, and keep things organized! Minimalism might sound like a lot of work, but it has many benefits besides having a tidy home.

Removing extra burdens and items from your life can make a big difference in your life. By removing the excess items in your home, you’ve made space for the things that can have a bigger impact on your life. Another major benefit is the freedom you get by letting go of your possessions. We are constantly worried about losing our stuff, so getting rid of all of it can be like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Now that you have less stuff, you can use your time and space for better things like your health and pursuing hobbies. Being organized has numerous benefits including improving sleep, and reducing things such as stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, you can boost your productivity. A minimalist lifestyle encourages individuality and self-reliance. This can help improve your confidence and your self-esteem. There are several benefits to minimalism. Many assume that there are downsides to living with less, but there are very few compared to its conveniences. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about possible detriments of minimalism. 

“Is minimalist living boring?” The answer to this question is quite the opposite. Minimalism takes away the monotonous activities of regular life, and gives you more time to spend doing things that make you happy, like spending time with family and friends. Living a minimalist life can help you to live a bigger life, and come closer to accomplishing your greatest goals. 

“Does this mean I can’t be sentimental?” Being a minimalist and being sentimental are two completely separate things, however, decluttering your home and getting rid of things does not mean losing your emotions. In fact, by getting rid of extra items around your home, you have cleared up space to display these important items around your house. So, the answer to this question is no. Living a minimalist lifestyle will not obstruct sentimentality. 

“ I believe in simplifying, but why should I be so frugal — what’s wrong with a couple of REALLY nice things?” Being frugal means not spending money on unnecessary things, or sticking to the essentials. There isn’t anything wrong with spending money on nice things. A minimalist philosophy is quality over quantity. For example, if you spend a large amount of money on something, it should be an item that you use often. So, being a minimalist doesn’t automatically mean you can’t buy expensive things, but use your money wisely. 

Overall, minimalism is a lifestyle that people should reconsider. It might take hard work, but the results can outweigh all of the effort put in, and leave you with a better lifestyle; with more enjoyment, time, and possibilities.

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