How to Remove Old Coffee Stains From the Carpet?

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How to Remove Old Coffee Stains From the Carpet?

No one likes the coffee stains on their carpets as it makes the carpet look dirty and also hampers the overall look of the house. If left untreated, the coffee stains start to settle into the fibers, making them look dirtier than before.

The panicked reaction of the households is quite obvious when they see the dark and muddy colored coffee stains on their favorite carpet. Instead of fixing it, most households prefer changing the carpet and getting a new one.

It is because they are familiar with the struggle of getting the coffee stains out from the carpet. The struggle is because they have been using the wrong cleaning hacks all the time. But no worries as we have come up with some of the best ways to remove the coffee stains from the carpet.

Here’s an answer to the question: How to remove old coffee stains from carpet in the post mentioned below.

Steps to Remove Fresh Coffee Stains

  • Fresh stains are easy to get rid of as compared to the old stains on the carpet.
  • But there are some things to bear in mind when removing fresh coffee stains from the carpet. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Soak up

  • The foremost step is to soak up the coffee stain from the surface of the carpet as much as you can before the carpet absorbs the entire stain.
  • Start from the outside and then move inward to stop the stain from spreading further.

Prepare cleaning solution

  • Next, you need to make your way to prepare the cleaning solution.
  • Mix a little dish soap in lukewarm water to make a stain-remover solution for the carpet.
  • Ensure that the dish soap you use does not contain bleaching agents and laundry agents.
  • The bleaching agents contain harmful chemicals which if used, can discolor the carpet.

Use a cleaning solution on the coffee stain

  • Before applying the cleaning solution to the carpet, test it on a small portion.
    Testing it before use will let you know if it is safe or not.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the coffee stain, leave it aside, and take note of the changes.

Use DIY carpet cleaner

  • Using the DIY carpet cleaner is also an effective way to get rid of coffee stains.
  • While using this, use a microfiber cloth with the solution and clean the stain from the edges.
  • This will stop the spread of the coffee stain and will fix it.

Dry cloth

  • Use the dry white cloth to absorb as much liquid as you can so that the carpet does not get discolored.
  • The households need to re-apply the solution if the stain has not disappeared completely.

Rinse carpet

  • After you have cleaned the coffee stain from the carpet, you need to rinse and dry the carpet as it is not safe to leave the cleaning agents on it for too long.
  • Ensure to air-dry the carpet once you have cleaned the stain and carpet completely.

Steps to Remove Old Stains

No doubt that it is difficult to remove the old coffee stains present on the carpet for too long, but it is not impossible to get rid of. Using the right steps will make things easier for you. Follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of old coffee stains on the carpet.

Wet the stain

  • Take plain water and dry coffee to wet the stain.
  • While making the stain wet, refrain from saturating the carpet as the fibers get weak when getting moisture. Once it becomes loose, it is easy to wipe off the stain.

Use paper towel

  • The next effective way is using a paper towel. Blot the stain with a paper towel and lift as much as possible.
  • Go on repeating the same process again and again until the stain lightens.


  • You can cleanse the old coffee stain by mixing white vinegar, water, and dish soap.
  • Using this solution on the stain will clean the stain.

Use microfiber cloth

  • Take a clean microfiber cloth, dip it in the solution, and dab it on the stain.
  • Keep on repeating this until the stain goes off.

Rinse area

  • Once the coffee stain has gone, you can rinse the area with a clean cloth.
  • Leaving it wet might not be good. Consequently, air-dry the carpet area.

Wrapping Up

Removing old coffee stains might seem a difficult task initially, but following the steps mentioned above, households can easily remove the coffee stains from the carpet no matter how old they are. Still, if you face any difficulty in cleaning the coffee stains from the carpet, then you can call the cleaning professionals in San Diego from the Weekend Maids and request the carpet cleaning service.

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