How to Remove Heat Stains Out of Wood [8 Ways That Rock]

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How to Remove Heat Stains Out of Wood [8 Ways That Rock]

Hosting a house party is comfortable and economical means to entertain your friends and family unless it’s time to clear out the mess. Having a party at your own house is all fun unless you notice heat stains on your wood furniture and house decor. 

The main reason wood furniture catches up the heat stains is when you put a hot casserole dish on the table. It causes the wood’s pores to expand which in turn traps dirt, dust, and debris. If left untreated, it can damage your wood furniture. 

Many people are wondering- How to remove heat stains from wood? Fortunately, there are plenty of remedies to treat which can assist you in getting rid of the heat stains from your wood furniture. 

Let’s go through some of the remedies and help you to remove heat stains from wood. 

8 Epic Ways to Remove Heat Stains from Wood

Method #1: Use Hair Dryer

The first thing you need to do to remove heat stains from wood is to reheat the stain with the help of a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer in constant motion and repeat it several times until you don’t notice anything. 

While doing so, ensure not to use the hair dryer for not more than 2 minutes at a time. As the pores will re-expand, the hair dryer will evaporate the stain and lighten it. 

Method #2: Iron stain

The next step is ironing out the stain. While ironing the stain, keep a cloth over the stain and then iron it. Make sure that the cloth should be thick to protect the wood finish. Keep moving the iron so you don’t burn the wood. 

Increase the level of your iron as the stain begins to fade and lighten. Once you notice the stain vanishing off, you can decrease the iron heat. Keep it for 10 minutes and the stain will get lighter. 

Method #3: Use Toothpaste and Baking Soda

The combination of toothpaste and baking soda also works wonders at removing heat stains from wood. The households simply need to mix white toothpaste with baking soda and rub it all over the stain for some time. 

You can apply the mixture with your fingers and once done with it, wipe it off with a clean cloth. See if the stain has gone or not. If not, repeat the same process until the stain is gone. 

Method #4: Use Mayonnaise and Petroleum Jelly 

Using oily substances such as mayonnaise can penetrate the wood and easily absorb the stain. Take a clean cloth, add a thick mayonnaise and petroleum jelly and rub it all over the stain in a circular motion. 

Once you are done applying it to the stain, cover the stain and let it rest for some time. Lastly, wipe off the mixture with a clean cloth. If the stains are quite old, then leave the mixture there for hours. 

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Method #5: Use Steel Wool and Olive Oil

In addition to the ones mentioned above, you can also use steel wool to remove heat stains from wood. But before using the steel wool, make sure to dip it in oil to prevent the wood finish. 

Scrub the steel wool on the stain and check from time to time if the stain is lifting or not. Take a clean cloth to remove excess oil and repeat the process until it’s gone. For a stronger clean, you can also mix a few drops of liquid dish soap with the oil. 

While doing so, ensure not to do it so harshly that damages the wood’s finish and makes scratches on your furniture. You can also opt for lemon oil in the cleaning solution. 

Method #6: Vinegar and Oil

The households can also make use of vinegar and oil to remove the heat stains from wood furniture. Simply take a bowl and mix vinegar and oil in it. Soak the clean cloth in the solution and apply it to the wood. 

As far as it is about using oil, you can use almost any kind of oil be it olive, vegetable, lemon, or mineral oil. Repeat the steps until the stain goes away. Lastly, wipe off the mixture with a clean cloth. 

Method #7: Salt Paste

Not many people know but salt paste is also an effective remedy to get rid of heat stains from wood furniture. Take a sponge and rub the salt paste in circular motions on wood furniture. 

Using salt paste will buff the whiteness out and absorb the moisture caused by the stain. Once you are done with applying the paste, wipe it off, and lastly add some furniture polish to restore the shine of the area.

Method #8: Use Car Wax

Using car wax can also help in removing heat stains from wood. Car wax has the potential of lifting the heat stains from wood without compromising the shine and finish of your wood. Use your fingers to apply the wax and let it dry. 

Still, if the stain persists, then you can add more wax and repeat the process. How much time the car wax takes to dry depends on the kind of wax, temperature, humidity, and thickness of wax. 

In case you have any doubts about using car wax on your wood furniture, then you can also substitute it with furniture polish. 

Wrapping Up

By now, everyone must have come to know- How to remove heat stains from wood, following all the above-mentioned tips, every household can easily get rid of all the heat stains from their wood furniture. Still, if nothing works, then you are advised to call a professional for removing the wood stains from the carpet by hiring Weekend Maids. Our house cleaning experts in San Diego know how to retain the shine and polish of your wood along with removing the stain. 


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