How To Keep Yourself Busy During These Crazy Times

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How To Keep Yourself Busy During These Crazy Times

We realize the monotony of staying indoors is taking its toll. If you choose to follow protocols for a bit longer, we have some ideas to help you stay ‘occupied’ during those bouts of monotony. Here are several ways that may help you relax and pass the time in the coming days and weeks. 

You may have heard that coloring is good for relaxation, but do you know why? Coloring can help to relax the part of your brain that controls fear, the amygdala. The state that coloring brings to your brain is similar to that of a meditating mind. To add to that, coloring can help improve motor skills, focus, and vision! And if you don’t feel like coloring, try calligraphy or cursive.

Quarantine is also a great time to get fit and work out. Exercise can reduce stress hormones like adrenaline. It also triggers the production of endorphins and chemicals in your brain that are natural painkillers and mood lifters. Exercise is a simple, effective way to stay busy and healthy.

Another great way to pass the time is to create a photo album or photo book. Looking through photos of you, your family, and friends is a great way to reminisce on fun times! If you aren’t able to go out and get photo paper, or an album, there are several online platforms where you can make a digital photo album and share it with friends and family!

Speaking of friends and family, talking on the phone or a video call is a fun way to make the hours pass by! It may seem simple or easy, but talking to loved ones can take stress off your mind, and distract you from any looming thoughts in your head.

Though this may seem obvious, catching up on some good TV shows or movies is one of the best ways to pass the time. In fact, some streaming services have been uploading more content in mind of everyone in quarantine! So, this is the best time to watch all the shows or movies you’ve wanted to watch!

Now, everyone is stuck in their homes, so why not clean up? Though cleaning, reorganizing and decluttering may not sound like the most enjoyable activity right now, you probably won’t have enough time to do it another time, so might as well get it done now! Cleaning is known to be tedious, but it can be quite therapeutic and relaxing. Wouldn’t it be nice if an angel flew in and helped you declutter and clean?

Now is also a great time to start or recontinue self-care! Self-care can be as simple as taking a spa day or putting on a face mask! For more on self-care tips, check out this previous blog

Another great activity to pass the time is reading. Reading is a simple, easy way to pass the time. There are so many amazing books to read, and you can read Positive Mind and Body, or books that can help you relax.  If you aren’t a big reader, try listening to an audiobook! And, because you can’t go outside, rent, or digitally “check out” from an online book website.

Similar to audiobooks, podcasts are also an amazing way to relax yourself. There are several hundreds of podcasts about so many different things. Find a topic that you are interested in and listen to a website.

You may or may not have been doing this already, but take a nap! Catch up on some sleep! Most adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep to function well in the daytime. Sleep is so important for several reasons, including keeping us healthy, and letting our brain repair, restore, and re-energize. In our busy lifestyles, most may not have the time to sleep for 7-9 hours, so now is a great time to take a nap or sleep in!

It’s a great time to learn something new! Research topics of your interest, or topics that you don’t know about. During this time, you can learn so much about the world! For example, do you know what ozone holes are? Do you know how they are formed? This is just one example of several amazing things that you can find out about.

Have you ever played an instrument? During quarantine is a great time to pick up that instrument and start practicing again! Playing an instrument has so many benefits like enhancing verbal memory, and literary skills, and making you use both sides of your brain. This can help you remember things better. Playing an instrument is a great way to pass the time with its benefits!

Hopefully, these activities can help take your mind off any stress or give you something to do during this time. We hope that you, your family, friends, and loved ones are happy and healthy. If you require a home sanitation/disinfection cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us. We remain open as an essential business.

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