How to Keep your House Clean With a Newborn at Home

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How to Keep your House Clean With a Newborn at Home

Being a new mom is a challenge not only because you’re learning how to take care of your little one but because while you’re doing it, the world outside your newborn bubble doesn’t stop and the things you used to take care of before are still requiring your attention. House cleaning is one of those things.

If cleaning your house has become more difficult since the day your newborn arrived, these housecleaning tips are for you:

Tip #1: Buy baby-safe cleaning wipes

This is one of the cleaning items you will want to keep. Baby-safe cleaning wipes can be used to clean every surface (kitchen counter, chairs, shelves, etc.) without damaging the surfaces. Just as important, cleaning wipes allow you to clean in a fast and efficient manner.  

Tip #2: Make a cleaning schedule

Although keeping a steady rhythm of your daily chores with a newborn can be tricky, using a schedule to do the house cleaning can help to efficiently target the areas that need more attention, and knowing that things are getting done will give you much-needed peace of mind on those difficult days.

Tip #3: Don’t fold clean laundry

One of the most demanding chores is doing laundry and folding clothes, and although doing laundry is necessary, folding all clothes is not. You have two options – either skip the folding of unnecessary clothes such as pajamas and socks or hire professional housekeepers who provide the option of doing laundry and folding clothes for you.

Tip #4: Wash toys in the dishwasher

A great idea to save time is to wash the rubber toys in the washer. You can either place them inside a laundry bag and put the bag in with all the dishes, or you can just place them inside the dishwasher as if they were regular dishes.

The advantage of putting all toys together in a laundry bag is that you won’t have to separate them from the dishes once the washing cycle is over. It’s important to ensure the toys are dishwasher safe.

Tip #4: Ask for help whenever you need it

The most important thing you have to remember through the first months of motherhood is that you’re not alone and there will always be people around who would love to help you out with anything you need the moment you need it. If the house cleaning becomes more of a horror story give us a call to get set up with professional housecleaners that understand all the needs of a new mom and her newborn.

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