How To Keep Your Home Hair-Free When Your Pets Are Shedding

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How To Keep Your Home Hair-Free When Your Pets Are Shedding

As much as we love our pets, there are times when their constant shedding makes our love for them turn into desperation. Although you can’t train your pets to brush themselves before curling up on your favorite sofa, you can do certain things to keep your house as hair-free as possible.

Here are a couple of things you can do:

1. Check the health of your pet

Certain illnesses can make your pet shed more than normal, so it is advisable to take your pet to a veterinarian and check if it has any medical problems that could cause it to shed a lot of hair.

Things such as stress, poor nutrition, allergies, and hormonal deficiencies, are only some of the many conditions that can lead to problematic shedding.

2. Clean your house regularly

Although it may seem obvious, house cleaning is the only way that you can have a hair-free home. If you don’t have time to vacuum or clean your house regularly, hire professional maids who can do a general house cleaning regularly and let them know the places your pet hangs around most so that they can pay special attention to those areas.

3. Learn about your pet’s breed

Oftentimes, we choose our pets depending on their hair type or particular characteristics of their breed without knowing much about the care they need. In the case of cats, for example, fluffy long-haired cats can shed more hair than short-haired types, and it’s usually the same with dogs.

If you read more information about your pet’s breed, you can learn how often they shed and what care you need to have with their fur.

4. Feed them only good quality food

A healthy coat is normally a sign that your pet is healthy, and one way to ensure that your pet’s coat is healthy is by feeding them only high-quality food that is high in protein, fatty acids, and omega 3, also, keep in mind that dogs and cats are carnivores so don’t try to change them into a vegetarian diet just to match yours, hair, whether human or animal, feeds on protein, so turning them into vegetarians will hurt their health.

We hope these simple tips were helpful and make your pet’s shedding season smoother. Remember to give us a call if you need to hire professional maids to give you a hand with your house cleaning. All of our services can be customized to your needs.

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