How to host a party without wrecking your house or apartment.

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How to host a party without wrecking your house or apartment.

Start fresh and clean.

Is better to have a clean start before your guests arrive, that way you will only clean what is being used that night by them. If you prepared appetizers or something else, you should clean all the pans and pots you used. Empty and prepare the trash cans with a piece of paper at the bottom for the grease and liquids.

Avoid messy foods

This is a golden rule when throwing parties. For your good never serve a dish that can get quite messy. Serving small bite-sized appetizers will allow your guests to eat while mingling. Foods such as sushi are great for this kind of occasion. Limit the options of sauces and it will be better if you can avoid them too.

To use plastic or not to use it, that is the question

You shouldn’t use your mom’s china and silverware whenever you plan to throw a wild or mild party. If you have more than 15 or 20 guests think of using eco-friendly disposable plates and plastic glassware that you could use at another time.

Remember, parties are meant to be fun and relaxing. No one wants to be told to look after the china over and over.

Make it easy to follow your lead.

If you decide to use disposable plates, place a trash can in a visible area for them to use whenever they finish eating. If you have any decor such as pillows, rugs, etc. something that is light colored and can easily get stained, put it away. Try to minimize the risks of an accident. Coasters are your friends.

Focus on the fun not the variety.

A better way to ensure there will be not that many stains or any at all is to avoid serving food and beverages that can create these problems. Limiting the options on beverages can help you keep everything stain-free. Avoid using sticky mixers, red wine, and other stain-making liquors.

Be prepared

Keep some cleaning tools and products nearby, you never know what will happen. No matter how much effort you put to avoid any misfortune, remember Murphy’s law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” so don’t expect things to be perfect. Wipes, clean cloths, and other cleaning products will come in handy in the case of a misfortune.

You can also have the option to get a San Diego house cleaning service for that party.

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