How to Get your House Clean & Organized for New Year’s Eve

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How to Get your House Clean & Organized for New Year’s Eve

For many of us, the dream of a clean and organized home during the holiday season never comes true. The visits, the food preparation and the gift wrapping scattered all over the house make it nearly impossible to get your house in order in advance.

Fortunately for all of us, there is one way we can manage to cut the clutter and prepare for the New Year gathering at the same time – and it’s very simple. Here is some advice that will help you get your home ready:

1. Make a plan

Developing a house cleaning plan will help you organize your home in time for the special day.

Write down the tasks you need to do and set dates for every task. They can be daily or weekly tasks; just remember that if you miss a chance to clean one week, you will have to do twice the work on the next one.

2. Focus on one task each week

To make everything easier assign one task per week – it can be cleaning the living room, decluttering your bedroom, or organizing the kitchen. This way your house will be completely clean and organized by the time you need it. Just make sure to keep all dirt and clutter out of the areas you just cleaned for the remaining weeks. It can be tricky but we assure you that it can be done with a little bit of discipline.

3. Maintain

Once you’re done with the biggest part of the cleaning plan, give recurring maintenance to all areas of your home until New Year’s Day. This will keep areas looking clean and decluttered, otherwise, the mess could get out of hand again

4. Post-New Year house cleaning

Make sure to schedule a top-to-bottom detailed housecleaning once your gathering is over. This will turn your house into that relaxing place it was a couple of days back, and of course, it can be completely ready for your New Year’s gathering!
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