How To Clean Your Piled Up Laundry in 3 Easy Steps

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How To Clean Your Piled Up Laundry in 3 Easy Steps

Doing laundry can sometimes become a burden no matter the size of your family. With the many activities happening in one day (with their respective wardrobe changes), it can be easy to drown in laundry in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, there is a way to keep on top of your laundry mess. Here are the three steps you have to follow:

Step #1 – Pick a “Laundry Day”

If you pick a specific day of the week as your designated laundry day, it will be easier to organize and will be less time-consuming than doing it on separate days. Keeping your mind set on only one task at a time will prevent you from making mistakes that can ruin your clothes, like putting bleach on color loads instead of soap.

Step # 2 – Have your kids (or anyone around) help you

Allow your children to get involved in easy household chores like laundry. Have them help you fold and sort out clothes. It’s fun for them, it’s also a chance for them to practice their motor skills and let’s be honest, who would refuse the help?

Step # 3 – Fold clothes right after they come out the dryer

This may seem obvious, but some people either leave their clothes inside the dryer forever or leave it all mixed up in a basket, but this is the worst thing you can do with clean laundry. First, because it will give the feeling of being dirty again, and second, because it will badly wrinkle, forcing you to spend more time ironing it afterwards. Most clothes come out the dryer almost wrinkle free if you fold or hang them right after they will be ready to use.

At Weekend Maids, we know that doing laundry can be overwhelming but we’re sure that if you follow these 3 simple steps, you will spend less time and energy on it and have more time to enjoy yourself.

However, if you still need help with laundry and folding clothes, give us a call. At Weekend Maids, we can set you up with the best house cleaners in California that can professionally take care of your laundry.


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