How to Clean Your Closets

Clean Closet
Clean Closet

Closet can get cluttered fast. We store things in them that we will “use at a later time.” We have clothes that we will “wear again, one day.” And sometimes we find stuff that we forgot that we stored.

How can we keep our closets clutter free? Here are three tips to help you start on your closet clean out.

  1. When was the last time I used this?

If you haven’t used it in a year, then you will most likely not use it anytime soon. Now there are some exceptions to this. For instance seasonal items like blankets, comforters, jackets, swimwear, and beach towels can be kept for a longer period of time since they are only used 3 to 4 months out of the year, depending on where you live. Everything else can go.

  1. When was the last time I wore this?

This one is a bit tricky, we sometimes get emotionally attached to clothes that remind us of the good times we had while wearing them. Maybe you can save the best outfit of all time and the rest you can take pictures of, either wearing them, or laying them on the bed to create a memory look book of those amazing outfits. You can include a short description of the outfit and the year you wore it the most. The look book will also give you something tangible to help you revisit all those fantastic memories.

Don’t forget to donate your clothes so the outfits can give some great memories to someone else.

  1. Are these shoes really working for me?

Here is how you can clear some of those shoes out: Sort them all by category (high heels, flats casual, workout shoes, sneakers, boots etc.). Next, set aside all of the shoes that you wear frequently, or at least 2-3 times a week (again seasonal is the exception since you only wear them a few times out of the year). Now, sort through the uncomfortable shoes, you know, the ones that you love but your ready to toss them as far away from you as possible after an hour of wearing them. These shoes, as much as you love them, should probably go away—your feet will appreciate it if they never have to wear them again.

But what about the super cute shoes that you just can’t let go of? Add them into your look book. Take pictures of the adorable foot wear and put them in the memory book matching your outfits. After that, donate them and let someone else enjoy them as much as you did. If you are thinking that nobody will want them because they are not comfortable and you are trying to keep them, just remember that everyone is different and someone might find them to be perfect.

  1. What to do about the seasonal stuff?

For seasonal items like comforters, bulky jackets, and other accessories; simply stack and store. Space saving storage bags are super useful when stacking. You place your items in the bag, suck the air out with your vacuum and that is it! You converted a fluffy comforter into a nice flat package that can be stored in your closet and not take up a bunch of space. Then, organize your stacks by season. For example, you can put off season items at the bottom of the stack and current season items on top.

Clear bins are also a good way to keep things together and by season. With clear bins you can easily see what’s inside and take out what you need when the time has come to use your items. Bins are especially useful when organizing handbags.

Closets are a space that you go to in the morning before work. They are the place that you look for items to wear on dates and family outings. So, closets are very important areas to keep clutter free to help you have a stress free routine.

Keeping spaces that can be hidden from view can become disorganized very easily. But if you break down the organizing process in steps; sort through what is used most; share what you loved; and you will have great success in keeping areas like your closets organized.


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