Smart Tips on How to Clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

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Smart Tips on How to Clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

Having weak eyesight often leads people to wear glasses so that it does not cause much pressure on the eyes and they can see clearly. But what if you are not able to see even after wearing the glasses? Ever wondered the reason for the same? 

When wearing glasses, you also have to ensure that your glasses are clean. The best alternative to clean your glasses is the microfiber cloth that comes with it. The majority of the people have dirty microfiber cloth which is the main reason they have a smudgy haze. 

Keeping the microfiber cloth clean is what will clear your vision too. Now the question is- how to clean microfiber cloth for glasses? We have a way out for you. Go through the below-mentioned tips and clean your microfiber cloth used for glasses. 

Cleaning The Microfiber Cloth 

The microfiber cloth is always prone to dust and dirt. Every time you use it to clean your glasses, it accumulates more and more dirt. At this point, many people consider getting new clothes for cleaning glasses. But the point is why get a new cloth whenever you can clean the current one? 

Cleaning the microfiber cloth is not as difficult as people take it to be. Follow the simple tips mentioned below to get an answer to your question- how do you clean microfiber cloth for glasses

Shake Rigorously

The prominent way of cleaning the microfiber cloth is by shaking it rigorously. Simply grab the cloth from the corner and shake it. Doing so will shake off the excess dust and dirt off the cloth so that it can clean your glasses. Rather than letting the cloth get too dirty and compiling up dirt, it is best to do this every time before you use the microfiber cloth. 

A Good Rinse in the Washing Machine  

The question that we often get to hear from people regarding cleaning the microfiber cloth is- Can you put glass cloth in the washing machine? As such, there is no hard and fast rule over cleaning the microfiber cloth in the washing machine or not as you can put the cloth in the washing machine and give it a good rinse. 

But you have to take care of a few things while cleaning the microfiber cloth in the washing machine. When cleaning the microfiber cloth in the washing machine, do not use any bleach or fabric softener in your detergent or otherwise. Simply give it a good rinse with cold water and dry it along the rest of the laundry. 

Hand Wash 

The next best alternative to cleaning the microfiber cloth is hand washing. How to clean a glass cleaning cloth is no more a question as hand washing is the best way to do the same. Simply take a bowl with cold water and add a few drops of mild soap. Soak the cloth in the solution for about five to ten minutes. Take the cloth out and again give it a rinse in clean water and keep it soaked for some time. Let the cloth dry completely and then use it for cleaning the glasses. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Microfiber Cloth 

No doubt that washing the microfiber cloth is a simple and easy task but there are a few things to bear in mind while cleaning the microfiber cloth. Let’s gain an insight into the mistakes you should avoid while cleaning the microfiber cloth. 

Use Soap Wisely 

The first thing that you need to bear in mind while cleaning the microfiber cloth is to use the soap wisely. While making the cleaning solution, do not use soap that contains bleach. It can lead to discoloration and damage to the fabric of the microfiber cloth. 

Avoid Fabric Softener 

If you prefer to clean your microfiber cloth in the washing machine, then ensure not to include fabric softener in the water. Not only fabric softener but also avoid using any detergent which includes the fabric softener.

Refrain From Using the Dryer 

Once you have cleaned your microfiber cloth, let it dry naturally and avoid using the dryer to dry it. 

Final Say 

How to clean microfiber cloth for glasses must be cleared to you now after going through this post. Do not let the dirt and dust compile up and make it a habit of cleaning it at regular intervals. Doing so will increase its life span and will spell less trouble for you. 

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