Expert Tips: How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier

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Expert Tips: How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier

Air purifiers have become an essential household item in today’s world, providing clean and fresh air to breathe. It is a must for people having allergies or sensitive to dust and other particles.
Among the various brands available, Levoit air purifiers are widely known for their high-quality filters and efficient performance. It is an effective solution to deal with poor air quality.
However, to maintain this performance, it’s crucial to clean the air purifier regularly. Consequently, we have come up with a blog post on- how to clean the Levoit air purifiers.
Let’s get started with cleaning your air purifier then.

Steps To Clean Levoit Air Purifier

Many households consider replacing the air purifiers when they don’t function. But hardly households realize that replacing the air purifiers is not the key as it will amount to unnecessary expenses.
Consequently, here we have outlined some of the steps to clean the Levoit air purifiers.

Unplug the Air Purifier

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to unplug the air purifier to avoid any electrical hazards. Water and electricity are never a good combination to work with and air purifier works on electricity only.
Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the air purifier and leave it to dry. Also, be wary of using cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals on the outside of the air purifier.
Consequently, unplug the air purifier and clean the exterior of the air purifier to give it a good wash later.

Remove the Filter

The second crucial step in cleaning your Levoit air purifier is removing the filter. Usually, air purifiers come with two filters but some purifiers also have three filters. As far as cleaning the Levoit air filter is concerned, every brand offers its own set of instructions.
It’s best to clean the filter every 2-4 weeks as it increases the lifespan and efficiency of the filter.
Some brands also emphasize not cleaning the filters at all and consider getting them replaced. However, before cleaning the Levoit air purifier, ensure to remove the filter from the air purifier by unlocking it from the base and lifting it out.

Vacuum the Filter

Once you are done with removing the filter, you need to deep clean your filter using a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum hose with a brush attachment to gently clean the surface of the filter.
This will help remove any loose debris, hair, or other trapped particles that have accumulated on the filter. Avoid using any liquid for cleaning the filter as it may damage your filter.

Clean Air Quality Sensor

Cleaning the air quality sensor is also a must when cleaning your Levoit air purifier. This is because air quality sensors are often prone to catching dirt and dust over time due to this, they can stop working.
Consequently, the key is to clean the air quality sensor properly. Open the sensor cover and clean the sensor lens with the help of a damp cotton swab. Also, dry the sensor using the dry cloth and close the sensor cover.

When To Replace The Air Purifier Filter?

Whether you are running the Levoit air purifier for the first time, cleaning it, or replacing its parts, it’s crucial to go through its user manual for instructions.
No doubt that cleaning the air purifiers can aid in good contusion of your air purifiers but you need to replace the filters after some months to make sure they remain efficient. Moreover, replacing air purifiers doesn’t require much work and is a simple task.
Carbon filters are to be replaced every 3 months, HEPA filters every 12-18 months and permanent filters need to be replaced when damaged.
Read the user manual carefully and use the instructions in it to replace the air purifier filter to make it function well.


By following these simple steps, you can keep your Levoit air filters running efficiently and provide clean air for your home. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the performance of the air purifier and ensure that you are breathing fresh and healthy air. Still, if you are unable to the air purifier, you can reach out to a professional cleaning service- Weekend Maids to get the cleaning done.

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