How to Clean Glass Patio Doors in 60 seconds

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How to Clean Glass Patio Doors in 60 seconds

Sliding patio glass doors are one such remarkable type of door wall that counts as an attractive, convenient, and presentable addition to your home decor. Not only these are beautiful to stare at, but they are quite practical in terms of functionality and usefulness.

However, it’s quite frustrating to deal with the stains, cloudiness, and dirt smudges gathered on the patio glass doors.

In that case, you might need to figure out the best way to clean glass patio doors as quickly as possible – and this guide is here for you! Below, we are mentioning some of the quickest methods on how to clean glass patio doors effectively.

Best Way to Clean Glass Patio Doors

Do you hate cleaning glass patio doors over and over again? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many people struggle with the same trouble. It’s even more troublesome to clean the cloudy stains that get collected on the door walls.

This method will save you a lot of time and the best part – you can even use this method to clean your car windows in the least time possible. Wasting no time, let’s proceed.

Apparatus Required

To begin with, you’ll need to gather an apparatus consisting of three things – An ordinary Swiffer, a Cotton towel, and a spray cleaner. Those three things are all that is required. Then, we move on to the preparation part.


Preparation is easy and simple. All you have to do is gently wrap the cotton towel around the Swiffer in a way that it should be intact all around the Swiffer’s rubber pads. In addition, make sure that the patio glass doors are reachable for cleaning. If possible, remove the glass doors before cleaning to eliminate any risk. Now we’re ready to move further.

Cleaning the Patio Glass Doors

When all the apparatus is ready, it’s time for some action. Spray the cleaner all around the glass. Now, wipe the Swiffer pushing gently against the glass doors. As you wipe, all the glass stains, dust, and patches will vanish.

The trick here is that using a spray cleaner that is a foam and not a liquid leaves comparatively fewer steaks, and not to mention, these are faster than ordinary liquid cleaners. On top of that, the cotton towel is efficient to absorb 99% of the dirt accumulated on the glass. As simple as that. All it takes is 60 seconds or less to entirely clean the patio glass doors to achieve clear visibility through the glass.

Bonus Tip: Cleaning the Rails

Rails must also be cleaned periodically for smooth slide movement. Remove the door and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt. A vacuum cleaner would help to get rid of major debris but we need to clean up the fine dust particles as well. For that, take the help of a brush or a cloth. Adding some suitable lubricant to the rails is an added advantage. Lubricants help to keep the sliding movement smooth and they also help to protect the rails from unwanted dust particles and debris.

The Takeaway

Congrats, we’re done! This method is 100% practical to keep your patio glass doors clean as new. We hope that ends your concerns regarding “how to clean patio door screens” or “how to clean cloudy glass patio doors”. It is recommended to clean them once a week so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around your house through the shiny patio doors.

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