How To Clean & Declutter Your Home In 6 Easy Steps!

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How To Clean & Declutter Your Home In 6 Easy Steps!

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by your cluttered house, it might be time for you to start a decluttering operation.

The first step to clean and organize your home is to realize that everything has its own place, so parting from that idea, you can now start visualizing how your decluttering operation has to begin.

Here are some steps you can follow to make the process easier:

1. Clean room by room

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by the mess, it’s always easier to clean your entire house if you go room by room. Once you decide on which room to start on everything else will be easier.

2. Move all items to the room they belong in

If your living room looks like a playground, your bathroom as a study room and your bedroom as a kitchen, you can start by moving all items to the room they belong in.

Start by placing the scattered dishes in the kitchen, all toys in the kid’s room, and all mail and office supplies in your office. This will give you perspective on which room will be easiest to clean and provide you with a starting point.

3. Clean your bed sheets and curtains

Remove blankets and sheets from your bed, the curtains from your windows and wash them. Washing your bed sheets and curtains on a regular basis is important to maintain your house clean and improve your health.

4. Organize bedside tables, desk, and bookshelves

Clear out the bedside tables, desks, and bookshelves and wipe down the surfaces before placing the items back on. Remember to throw away everything you no longer need.

5. Set a deadline

A good habit when you start a deep clean is to set a deadline. This will force you to prioritize your daily activities and estimate times for the completion of the cleaning.

6. Reward yourself

Give yourself an enticing reward after completing the cleaning as this will keep you motivated during the cleanup and will make you want to finish it fast – make sure you choose something you really like!
We’re sure you will enjoy organizing your house with these 6 easy steps  but if you’re still not ready to take the challenge, we can find the right experts to do it for you. So give us a call and tell us about your house cleaning  or maid service needs.

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