A No-Fluff Guide on How To Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

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A No-Fluff Guide on How To Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

When it comes to keeping pets, dogs, and cats are always top the list. Like dogs, cats are also regarded as the best companions and much more exciting and fun. While having a cat, the struggle of keeping the house clean is less compared to that of a dog

You need not worry about taking the cat out for the walk as is the case with the dogs. But you need to clean the litter box of the cat and that too at regular intervals. Otherwise, your house would become a total mess of the foul odor coming out of the litter box. 

Consequently, maintaining the cleanliness of the litter box is of utmost importance. Not many people are familiar with cleaning the litter box and many wonders- How to clean a litter box in an apartment

If you are also thinking along the same lines, then we have got a way forward for you. Go through this guide specifying how to clean a litter box in an apartment

Hacks to Effectively Clean the Litter Box in an Apartment

Keeping a cat in an apartment often comes with the challenge of cleaning the litter box frequently. If you do not clean it at regular intervals, your whole house will be filled in with a foul odor which can make you prone to numerous diseases and illnesses. 

Consequently, we have come up with some cleaning hacks to clean the litter box and maintain the hygiene of your cat. 

Use Throw Away Litter Box

Most cat owners often keep a plastic litter box in the house for their cats. The major problem with this is cleaning it regularly. So, instead of cleaning the plastic litter box, the much better alternative is using a throw-away litter box. The throw-away litter box is made up of recycled paper material which eliminates the need to clean it as you can simply throw it away. This might turn out to be a bit costly for you but at least, it is saving you the manual labor of cleaning it frequently. 

Disposable Litter Box Liner

Another effective way to clean the litter box is by using disposable litter box liners – these disposable litter box liners are to be placed at the bottom of the litter boxes. Ensure that the disposable litter box liners are absorbent, tear-resistant, and do not spread foul odor in the house. 

Once the litter liner gets dirty, then you can pull the liner’s built-in drawstrings, close it like a bag, and dispose of it. 

Throw Away Wipes

Disposable wipes also turn out to be great when it comes to cleaning a litter box in an apartment. The wipes are easily available at the local stores. What you have to do is whenever you find the cat litter box dirty, simply empty its contents and wipe away the litter box with disposable wipes. 

Care must be taken while purchasing the throw-away wipes. The throw-away disposable wipes should not contain the citrus smell as cats dislike such a smell and might refuse to use the box. 

Use a Sponge or Cloth

Some people don’t like it because their financial situation does not allow them to spend additional money on buying disposable cat litter boxes or litter box liners. No worries as such people can make use of a sponge or cloth to clean the litter box. 

Empty the contents of the litter box and clean its interior with the help of a warm soapy sponge and cloth. As far as the foul odor is present, you can make use of the odor eliminator sprays widely available in the market and make it sound for your cat. 

Use Flushable Litter

Another way forward for cleaning the cat litter box is using flushable litter. Flushable litter is a great option to avoid making the litter go from box to trash bag. But while flushing out the litter, make sure to flush small amounts to avoid the clogs. 

There are varied kinds of flushable litter made from different and varied kinds of ingredients. Going by this makes cleaning the litter box easier. Bear another thing in mind that is to keep the litter box close to the washroom as this will make it easy for you to dispose of the waste. 

Clean Litter Box Weekly

Why accumulate the litter box with everyday dirt and clean it only when it’s full and is releasing a foul odor? Does not make sense, right? Instead of doing this, a much better option is to clean the litter box weekly. 

Doing so eliminates the pet odors and ensures that your pet has fresh litter regularly. First, empty its contents and give it a nice rinse with warm water. You can use regular soap and a soapy sponge to clean the litter box to remove the litter and make it clean for your pet. 

Set a priority for yourself to clean the litter box every week and avoid making it too dirty at the end. 

Keep Track of Your Pet’s Litter Habits

There are instances when cats refuse to use the litter box, especially when it’s too dirty. If this has been the case with your cat, then the best alternative for you will be to keep track of your pet’s litter habits. 

It is just another reason to clean the litter box regularly as it allows you to monitor your cat’s health. Keeping track of your pet’s litter habits will make you aware of any digestive or urinary problems your pet might be facing. Accordingly, you can act fast if there is something serious. 

Wrapping Up

Got an answer to the question posed at the beginning- How to clean a litter box in an apartment? You must be. There are plenty of different ways to clean a litter box when living in an apartment. Consequently, choose the one that deems the best fit for you and cultivate a habit of cleaning it at regular intervals, or else, you can call professional apartment cleaners in San Diego, (if you reside in Southern California).

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