How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen: Deep Cleaning Advice

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How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen: Deep Cleaning Advice

Shows that feature professional chefs coming in to assist struggling restaurant owners in turning around their businesses have provided a glimpse behind the scenes at how it is done. The restaurants featured are often in terrible shape. The stove and exhaust are covered with grease, the floors are stained and grimy, and the fridge is full of spoiled food.

This is unusual. Most restaurants clean and disinfect their space regularly. These bad examples are a reminder of what can happen when you don’t properly clean your commercial kitchen or neglect to do deep cleanings.

Customers are more likely to get sick from foodborne illnesses if their kitchen doesn’t comply with sanitation standards. The greater the chance of a fire, the more grease you have on your exhaust and kitchen appliances. These appliances will last longer and require fewer repairs if they are kept clean.

Maintaining a clean, safe environment should be your main objective. Imagine that a health inspector will surprise you. What if your kitchen passes inspection?

Although it may seem daunting, deep cleaning commercial kitchens are quite simple.

Daily Tasks

Cleaning tasks should be completed at least once per day.

* Countertops and other high-touch surfaces

After each service, they should be cleaned. This includes prep areas, the backsplash, and the underside of counters. Non-toxic cleaners can be used to remove dirt and kill bacteria.

* Sinks

Use non-toxic cleaners or sponges to clean the basins as well as knobs and faucets.

* Floors

To clean up spillages, floors should be swept and mopped every day. A mop is the best tool for regular cleaning. It allows you to reach hard-to-reach places and it’s easy to clean them. If there is grease on the floor, use a heavy-duty cleaner. After that, use a degreaser of high quality. Rubber mats should be taken outside to be washed. To avoid slips and falls, ensure that the mats and floors are dry.

* Grills, Griddles, and Cooktops

These are the heart of your kitchen and must be cleaned regularly. After use, scrub the grates and burners daily to remove any ash. To remove grease and grime, soak the grates in warm soapy water once a month. To reduce the chance of cooking fires, grease should not build up.

* The Oven

Interiors should be cleaned at least once a day. You can check your owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning solution, or mix water with mild dish soap. When wiping down the interior, avoid getting the cleaning solution on the heating element. The racks should be removed and soaked in the cleaning solution for 10 min. Before you return them to the oven, make sure they are completely dry.

Less Frequent Tasks

These tasks don’t have to be done every day. However, it is important to include them in your commercial kitchen deep-cleaning routine.

* The Deep Fryer

Deep-frying is a popular way to prepare fried food. The oil that has been used for more than a week can make the food taste “dirty.” The fryer should be “boiled” with water and a grease-removing solution. This procedure will be explained step-by-step in the owner’s manual.

* Freezers and Refrigerators

Regularly clean the interior, wiping up spills and throwing away spoiled food. To keep the unit running smoothly, clean the condenser coils with a stiff brush at least twice per year. Every few months, check the door frame and hinges for mold.

Often Neglected Areas

Commercial kitchens have certain areas that are not cleaned well enough, and they tend to be contaminated with bacteria and germs. These include:

* Soda fountain nozzles* Meat slicers

* Outdoor garbage

* Ice machines

* Fans and lighting

* Kitchen equipment can be placed under or behind the stove.

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