How Long Does It Take to Carpet Clean a Room?

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How Long Does It Take to Carpet Clean a Room?

Merely having a carpet laid over your home is not something that will prevent your house from getting dirty. Along with layering your house with carpets all over, you also need to ensure that you maintain the carpets well. 

Not many people realize this but carpets are one such item that catches a lot of dirt and if left untreated, your carpet can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Consequently, cleaning the carpet at regular intervals is a must to maintain the overall appearance of your house. 

But cleaning the carpet is not child’s play and is time-consuming. That’s why many households and people wonder- How long does it take to clean the carpet? If you are also looking for an answer to this question, then this blog post is meant for you. 

Go through this blog post to determine how long it takes to carpet clean a room properly. 

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning A Room Take?

An experienced carpet cleaning professional will require around 30 minutes to one hour to clean the carpets effectively. However, if the carpet has accumulated dirt, dust, and stains for a quite long time, it might take longer time than estimated initially. 

Besides this, the time of carpet cleaning might vary depending on the different factors and the condition of the carpet.

Factors Determining How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take

Cleaning bulky carpets all by yourself with no help seems like a big challenge and consumes plenty of time. Compared to cleaning the carpet by yourself, it’s much better to get the carpet cleaned professionally. 

How long it takes to clean carpets professionally depends on numerous factors. Let’s dive into all the factors determining the time taken to clean the carpet. 

Carpet Size

Usually, the carpet cleaning of a small room takes only 20 minutes and 30 minutes for a large room but this varies greatly depending on the carpet size. If the carpet size is large, then it is obvious that it will take time for the professionals to clean the carpet deeply. 

Along with the carpet size, it also depends on how spoiled the carpet is. If the carpet has stubborn stains on it or it’s been quite a time since the carpet was cleaned, then it might take more repeat washing of the carpet which n turn adds up to the time. 

Carpet’s Condition

The next factor is the condition of the carpet. If the carpet is heavily spoiled, has lots of greases, or hard to remove stains, it can increase the time required to clean a carpet. The more spoiled carpet will require a pre-spray or agitation with the help of a special machine. 

Using the machine to clean the carpet adds up to the time taken by professionals and prolongs the carpet cleaning. Consequently, take into account the condition of the carpet when calculating how long carpet cleaning a room takes. 

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions the professionals are planning to use during the carpet cleaning also determine the time taken to clean the carpet. The type of cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning depends on the condition of the carpet. 

For instance, if the carpet contains stubborn or hard-to-remove stains, then the cleaning solutions will also have to be tough. This may also require using the spray before and after cleaning the carpet. 

Moreover, the more attempts to clean the carpet, the more will be the solutions applied. The more fluids are applied to the carpet, the more will be time taken. 

Weather Conditions

As such, the weather conditions do not affect carpet cleaning much as weather only accounts for the time the carpet takes to dry at last. It means that the carpet takes more time to dry when the weather is cold, rainy, or humid. 

Such weather makes the carpet take longer time to dry especially if there is no ventilation. Consequently, take this into account when cleaning the carpet. 

Cleaning Method

How long it takes to clean carpets also depends upon the kind of cleaning method your carpet cleaning service is using. The most popular carpet cleaning methods are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. 

Firstly, a professional will figure out the best cleaning method for your carpet depending on the material of the carpet. As such, the time taken by both cleaning methods is pretty much the same. However, steam cleaning might take 36 hours additionally to dry.

Wrapping Up

All these factors mentioned above decide how long it takes to carpet clean a room. Once the carpet is cleaned, wait for some time and allow it to dry completely before using it again. Rest, make it a habit of cleaning the carpet at regular intervals so that it does not accumulate dirt over time. 

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