House Cleaning Coupons & Tips for your Move-in or Move-out House Cleaning

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House Cleaning Coupons & Tips for your Move-in or Move-out House Cleaning

We have all been there – that tense few days before the big move. This is crunch time because work, family, and everything else in between really prevents you from taking the necessary steps to plan your move. We know the challenges folks face – because for most move-out or move-in house cleaning services that customers reserve with us the request for maids is almost always made at the last minute. This is because most customers we speak with plan to do the house cleaning themselves. However as the move starts to take shape, our customers tell us that amid everything else going on it is impossible to allocate time or effort for the “big clean”. While the average house cleaning can certainly cover the basics of kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting of surfaces, a vacancy house cleaning usually means a lot more detailed effort: Cabinets and drawers need to be cleaned from the inside. Baseboards, window sills, and blinds need to be completely dusted. Bathrooms need to be completely cleaned and disinfected. The carpets need to be vacuumed and professionally steam-cleaned. Windows need to be cleaned inside and out. You get the picture.

Regardless of whom you work, we highly recommend budgeting for professional house cleaning. You will save time, money, and effort by utilizing professionals for such things. Why? Today there are excellent options for professional cleaning services at reasonable rates and your time can then be allocated to other critical areas.

Once you lock down the date/time for your movers to complete their service, arrange for the house cleaners to arrive 1-2 hours after they leave (movers might be running late). Make sure to be available to walk the cleaners through your requirements – prioritize if necessary depending on how long you plan to have them at the property. Be available to conduct a walk-through before the house cleaners leave. These simple steps can go a long way to ensure your deposit (if you rent) does not get dinged for housecleaning-related expenses. Some property managers are very particular – they want truck-mounted carpet cleaning and windows to be cleaned inside and out. Refer to your move-in walkthrough checklist to determine if your landlord/property manager had provided you with the property in a particular way. The expectation might be then that you will have to do the same for the next set of tenants. Remember, documentation goes a long way when dealing with rental properties.

Timing for house cleaning or carpet cleaning can be an issue. If you are moving in or moving out in the summer season, try to plan and book your house cleaning in advance. Also, try to budget for additional costs if the house cleaning effort goes beyond what was estimated by the domestic workers.

Weekend Maids is available for you 7 days a week to help you gauge the right house or carpet cleaning options for your vacancy cleaning. Call us for a quick, free, zero-pressure estimate right over the phone. From now through Labor Day we are offering an additional 30 minutes FOR FREE on select packages. Also, as we wrap up the summer season we are offering $10 cash back on a future cleaning for every $100 spent on an initial service in August & September (some restrictions apply, so please call for details!).

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