Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist for Home and Office

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Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist for Home and Office

The time to host holiday celebrations is now upon us! There was a lack of festive events in the past, but this year, more families and groups have organized gatherings and have taken additional precautions to connect and have fun. Here’s a list of things to keep things clean and safe this holiday season no matter where you gather, at home, or the office.

Home Holiday Party Checklist

Before the party


Store and organize items that you don’t want to be disrupted while guests are in the area. This could include toys that can be thrown away or decorations that are not needed or shoes thrown out by the door.

Replace any supplies that are not needed. Set out any additional items you would like visitors to be able to access, like trash bins within reach (instead of beneath the sink) as well as extra toilet paper, or even hand Sanitizer.

Make arrangements for guests by putting up additional seating and changing any furniture to better accommodate guests. If guests are expected to be outside, be aware of the weather and set out mats to dry boots or shovel the path and also provide an outdoor coat rack.

Even if it’s cold out you can open the curtains to get more light, and then vacuum the windowsills and clean windows. Think about adding additional lighting in and outside, especially if the party starts or ends after it gets dark.

Prioritize cleaning by paying extra focus to the areas where your guests may be. Don’t be concerned about any other spaces that you’re not hosting inside (such as your laundry area or the piles of laundry) or ask for volunteers before the event to lessen the stress.

After the party


Take out and pick up all the trash. Mop, sweep, and vacuum. Clean up areas that are highly touched.
Remove any additional items you used for the event which are no longer needed. Dry and clean the items before returning them to their storage.

Set aside extra seating and arrange the furniture to prepare for a party.
Relax from all the effort, and allow others to assist.

Do you feel too tired to complete the task yourself? Contact a residential cleaning service to assist!

Office Holiday Party Checklist

Before the office holiday party

Clean the space

Secure or block off areas that guests shouldn’t enter restricted, like areas with sensitive equipment or files that are confidential. This can help keep areas neat. It will also help prevent those who don’t normally work in office spaces from being injured or inflicting harm.

Clean and tidy the space by wiping areas with high-touch, counters and floors on which guests are expected to entertain. Think about the entrances guests will take and then prepare the space keeping the weather in mind. Determine if the event should be attended by a professional cleaning service. be contracted to clean the venue before during and/or following the occasion.

Refill the supplies you require. Place extra trash bins in the area, add toilet supplies, and create available the necessary supplies like cups, napkins, plates, and many more.
Take a walk through the event like the guests and make sure the flow is appropriate for the number of guests as well as their expected behavior. For example, are the tables placed in a way that they can communicate? Are trash cans located in the proper spot? Do you have a coat room or another area where guests can leave their jackets?

After the company holiday party


You might want to consider employing a house cleaning service to clean up after the party. They’ll remove the trash, offer cleaning services for floors, clean down areas with high friction, and wash bathrooms.

Recycle any items not needed, and rearrange office spaces to an ideal pre-party setting, including the possibility of opening closed areas.

Recover from all the effort.

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