Great Cleaning Tips to Get Your House Ready to Rent or Sell

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Great Cleaning Tips to Get Your House Ready to Rent or Sell

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The process of getting a house ready to rent or sale can be draining; it requires a lot of planning, effort, time and also money to make it look attractive to potential buyers.

The effort required to make a house look attractive for rent or sale can be significant, this is the why the most effective way to get your house ready is by hiring a professional cleaner with extensive experience in ready to rent or sell cleaning services, however, here are some quick cleaning tips you can use to clean your house to get it ready for potential buyers:

  1. Declutter all areas

This comes before anything else. Getting all your stuff out is important to get potential buyers interested in the property. It is hard for them to picture themselves in a house filled with the previous owner possessions, plus, it will make the house look smaller and you want exactly the opposite effect, you want every room in the house to appear spacious.

  1. Clean the windows

You can’t clean the rest of the house and leave the windows dirty. It will give potential buyers the impression of visiting a neglected and un-maintained home. You can dust off and wash the windows yourself, but we strongly recommend you hire a professional window cleaner as some areas can be hard to reach, plus, they will also clean the screens and your 2nd story windows.

  1. Dust off the walls

There is no need to repaint the walls to make your house look clean; you can combine vinegar and warm water to remove dust, grease, grime and fingerprints from the walls, just make sure you test the solution in a small area because although vinegar can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces including painted walls, you never know how it’s going to react to your home’s particular painting.

  1. Get rid of mold & mildew in bathrooms

One of the areas that you have to pay close attention to is the bathroom. Having mold and mildew in bathrooms is more common than you think, and once mold starts growing, it’s very difficult to get rid of it.

A good solution to clean it is to use liquid household bleach to remove mildew stains from shower curtains, doors or tiles, and a special mold removal solution to clean your shower or any other surface with mold problems.

Remember that house buyers are visiting your home to look at its layout and condition primarily, but keep in mind that showing potential buyers a messy or dirty house may distract them and will make them feel as if  the house has not been well-maintained.
A perfectly clean house will reinforce the idea that a house has been kept in great condition.

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