Get your home ready for summer

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Get your home ready for summer

Get your home ready for summer

Summer is almost here! It’s only a couple of weeks away, but we can feel it coming. The days are getting warmer and longer and students everywhere are craving for their school summer break.

Our customers inevitably set up a deep housecleaning as the summer starts, and not surprisingly another one as the summer ends. The reasons are varied – sometimes family is coming into town and the house needs to look presentable and other times families just want to come home to a clean house after an out-of-town vacation. If you are hosting family or friends it is important to ensure common living areas and guest bedrooms and bathrooms are properly cleaned and dusted. Rooms that are not used very often get dusty and it is safe to assume that guests are going to notice the “little things” when staying at your house. With visiting family it could be potentially worse!

enjoy your home in the summerenjoying home in summer

Every summer season we are on the receiving end of “emergency” cleaning requests from customers anticipating the arrival of the dreaded mother-in-law. Even customers that have the time to clean their own homes regularly order a professional service for fear of the potential repercussions of a moody mother-in-law. We are always here to help – whether it is to get the house deep cleaned or just to arrange extra help to round out a house cleaning – there is always a cost-effective solution to your needs.

Summer is also the time when the greatest amount of vacancies occur. Not surprising as families with children align their leases to coincide with the summer break when school is not a factor and moving is less troublesome. As an established agency for over 25 years we are proud to be able to help our customers with their vacancy house cleaning needs. We are open 7 days a week and can set up a house cleaning and/or a carpet cleaning any day you need and (almost) any time you require.

move in and move out

We have fabulous summer packages to save you dollars and give you back time for family, friends, and yes, your in-laws as well. Ask about our 4-hour, 5-hour, 7-hour, and all-day cleaning options for your summer break!

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