Get Holiday Ready!

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Get Holiday Ready!

Holidays can make even the most rational person wish that the guy in the red suit had a magic potion with her name on it and an extra spot in his sleigh. With all the stress of cooking, preparation, and gifting, the last thing you want is to tackle the mess left. If no one thought to give you a gift card for maid service, here are a few ways to handle the clean-up before it happens.

Keep it Clean!

From spilled beverages to plates in the sink, it’s best to deal with messes as you go. While it might seem exhausting to clean as you go, it’s a lot less stressful than facing a mountain of dishes and no clean forks. Spills are less likely to become set-in stains if handled immediately. Plus there’s a good chance if your guests watch you in clean mode, they’ll be a little more helpful and neat. Hey, there’s always a chance.

Prioritize Areas

Focus on the areas you know will have more ‘people traffic’ during the holidays. Communal spaces like living rooms and dining rooms are going to be most frequented by friends and family that come to your house. Stay on top of them in between holidays so you’re not trying to scrub stains from an area rug in your living room the night before your New Year’s Eve party.

You will save yourself a lot of energy if you break down the tasks into manageable chunks. Remove the stress of the post-holiday cleanup by deciding what must be done now and what can wait. Cleaning your kitchen must be done now while making your guest bed with freshly laundered sheets can probably wait.

Holiday Dishes Ready.

One of the best holiday cleaning tips you’ll ever receive is to have any special festive dishes washed in advance. It’s easy to forget and leave dishes to the last minute once you’re immersed in your holiday clean and get focused on basting the turkey or making your famous chocolate pecan pie. Unpack your holiday dishes the weekend before a big meal so you can hand wash special serving plates and polish platters.

Holiday gatherings are all about togetherness and enjoyment of the good times. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help in advance, with designated cleaning maids in San Diego made up of some of your guests, or ask for professional help.

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