Fall Deep Housecleaning: Great Tips to Prepare Your House For The Holidays

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Fall Deep Housecleaning: Great Tips to Prepare Your House For The Holidays

Nothing beats the feel of a clean house, especially after the mess left behind when family gathering ends.

At Weekend Maids, we know that no one loves the hard work of a detailed cleaning, but it is something that everyone needs to do every once in awhile especially during the holiday season.

Here are some tips to prepare for the holidays with a deep clean:

1. Dust the entire house

Start by dusting every corner of your home, wall corners, ceilings, doors, fan blades and also move heavy furniture to clean under it.

Try this natural recipe: Whisk together the juice of a lemon, ⅓ of olive oil and ⅓ of white vinegar. Apply the mixture on a soft dusting cloth and rub your furniture with it.

2. Wash all windows

Window cleaning may seem easy but it’s actually a time-consuming task. Sometimes the height of the windows makes it impossible to reach some areas and oftentimes the windows on the second floor never get to see a cleaning cloth. If this is the case we highly suggest you hire professional window cleaning services. It will take a load off you and the results will be better.

3. Organize closets

During the year we tend to accumulate things we don’t need all through the house and for some reason they tend to end up piled up somewhere in the closet.

Reorganizing everything in your closets will make your bedrooms feel brand new, and you can also take the opportunity to separate out clothes you will no longer use and give them to someone who will.

4. Scrub floors and bathroom tiles

A great product to clean floors and bathroom tiles is castile soap (olive oil, water and lye) and baking soda. It is safe for your health, very effective and environmentally friendly. You can finish with a rinse of white vinegar to completely disinfect the whole surface.

Getting your home ready for the holiday season can be a challenge and take several days to complete. If you want to avoid the stress that a detailed cleaning brings, the best option is to schedule a deep cleaning service with professional cleaners that can customize the cleaning depending on your specific needs.
If you’re ready to deep clean your house, give us a call. At Weekend Maids, we can set you up with the best professional cleaners in town.

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