Cleaning Tips for New And Expectant Mothers


For the first timers, many activities such as basic chores will become a burden to carry on. Imagine that all your chores disappeared with the click of a button – wouldn’t that be great? Truth is, this won’t happen realistically. Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is not a disease that will make you incapable of doing household chores and keeping everything nice and dandy, but there are a few new rules that you need to apply to this new life of yours.

Avoid chemical fumes, bye bye Mr. Clean.

Harsh, abrasive chemicals such as mold and grease cleaners may need to be put away for a time. There are plenty of natural alternatives that you should try. Who knows, maybe they will end up becoming your regular cleaning solutions. You would be amazed what you could do with vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

Avoid Energetic Cleaning

When pregnant, never try to overdo anything. No matter the situation, there are chores you should avoid during pregnancy. Stay away from poor ventilation areas and places where you need to stretch too far. Just do whatever you can and stop whenever you feel out of breath or tired. Do not use stools, or uneven surfaces. Always clean standing on a firm and steady floor or surface.

Bring in some help

You might be the person that is used to taking on full responsibility of the things around the house before your pregnancy. Truth is that during pregnancy, you must do half of those things. So a good idea is to bring in some help to assist you or even have someone do it for you. Hiring someone to help you with house cleaning will not only be assist you in keeping everything spotless, they will give you the peace of mind of knowing your house or apartment won’t fall apart. An added benefit is the time you will gain for resting your back and feet.

Always watch your back

After the third or fourth month when your belly starts showing more and more, your center of gravity changes and with this you’ll need to adjust a couple of changes. You can no longer do some lifting and carrying as you may have done in the past, as your body mechanics will need some adjustment. Make sure you have your balance before leaning over to pick something up.

Overall Exhaustion

As you may already know, the first and third trimesters are characterized by intense periods of exhaustion. Try doing chores in segments of 15 minutes each, perhaps one in the morning and one later or in the afternoon. Hiring a maid in San Diego can be an understandable solution and doing it once or twice a month will may be budget-friendly.

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