Benefits of a Clean House

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Benefits of a Clean House

Many of us can appreciate the importance of keeping a clean home. Why do so many of us consider this to be a critical part of our lifestyle? I have my thoughts on the matter but I wanted to pass along highlights from our customers on why they budget for a professional house cleaning regularly. The following are excerpts from conversations with our customers over the past few weeks on this very topic:

  • One customer told us she keeps a recurring biweekly service because it affords her time to spend more time with her family. She hires house cleaners to do the very things she does not want to do such as cleaning bathrooms, and floors, and dusting around the house. Having the cleaners there on a predictable schedule allows her to plan her days and weeks properly, especially since it’s summertime for her children.
  • A fairly new customer shared with us her reliance on professional cleaners for spring cleaning efforts, which she uses 3-4 times a year. She is able to maintain the cleanliness of her home as her kids are older and are required to keep their bedrooms clean. But with 4 kids at home, she felt a regular deep cleaning was critical for her family. Every few months she has cleaners out to her home for an entire day. She usually preps the home beforehand and requests the cleaners to perform a “top-to-bottom” cleaning, usually starting with bathrooms, then the kitchen, and floors, and a thorough dusting of the home. This customer even clears out her kitchen cabinets and has them dusted and then has the house cleaners restock everything. Cool!
  • Another customer extolled the “mental benefits” of a clean home. She said to us that she cannot think clearly when her home is messy. She can never clean it the way she would like and finds peace of mind when professionals clean her home instead. When she comes home to a clean house she feels it has a calming effect on her senses and she can spend her time on other activities. She admits that one time in her life she was extremely disorganized and completely upside down on her finances. Papers were strewn everywhere and she could never find things she needed on a timely basis. The house was extremely messy and it got to a point where she felt she was going to lose her sanity. She realized at some point that to “clean her life up” she needed to start with a clean home. She hired professional cleaners through an agency and it was the starting point of a recovery “back to normality”.
  • One customer mentioned that she and her family are admitted borderline “hoarders” and have a habit of accumulating all kinds of things in the home. As a result, the home gets quite messy as there is little space (and apparently time) to clean the house. She has regular service through our agency to keep the home clean as clean as possible for her family.
  • Finally, we have noticed a very interesting trend over the past few months. We receive many requests for house cleaning from tenants who state that their landlord/property manager requires professional house cleaning regularly. Depending on the situation the cost of the house cleaning is either incorporated into the rent or deducted from it based on who is paying for the service. This is very cool as property managers and owners are taking proactive steps to protect their investments. Perhaps this is a sign of shorter lease terms and the need to turn around properties quickly for new tenancies. This may also be another sign of the real estate rebound as transaction volumes increase. Regardless we are always glad to be of service to countless landlords and property managers.

Ultimately the decision to maintain a clean home rests on its residents (unless your landlord forces you!). I think it is a good thing all around. Whether you clean the home yourself or pay someone to do it there are no downsides to a clean, sanitized house all day every day. A professional house cleaning does not have to be a significant portion of your budget. Give us a call and learn about all the various options for first-time or regular service. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience!

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