Being Productive In The New Year

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Being Productive In The New Year

It’s the New Year and time to get things done! Here are 5 great tips that can boost your productivity in 2020.

When the New Year comes around, people like to write resolutions for the New Year. When it comes to resolutions, you can write down anything, but how are you going to accomplish your resolutions? Here are some different ways that just may make following your resolutions a little easier.

First, instead of writing common goals, for example, “Lose 20 pounds”, write the habits to achieve that goal. Some things that could help for this specific example are eating healthier, going to the gym more, drinking more water, etc. After you have a common goal and the habits you need to start or change, incorporate those habits into your life. As seen above, drinking more water may help to lose 20 pounds, so write down when you are going to drink water, or how much water you are going to drink. This is a simple way you can make achieving your resolutions easier!

Another great method of productivity is to do all of your work first and reward yourself after. If you have had a long day of work and all you want to do is relax, you should finish your work first, and then relax. If you do stop to sit down for a while, before you keep working, you might find that it will be harder to get up and start working. This method is almost like inertia, when something is in motion, it will stay in motion, but when it stops it will need something of equal or greater force to move it. If you finish all of your work and then relax, you will most likely feel better and less stressed, so remember to do it first! 

Something that can help make you more productive is to make to-do lists. You can make lists in the form of categories, for instance, Work To-Do, Home To-Do, Areas to Clean, etc. If you put all of your looming to-do work into lists, it may seem like a lot. That’s why you should focus on 3 projects every month. This way, you have less to focus on at one time and have more time to finish three of your tasks. 

A helpful tip to keep your home clean is to clean at least one area of your home every day. If you tackle one thing every day, you will probably be able to keep a clean home. The areas do not have to be big, they could be a pile of mail or a messy closet. Whatever it may be, cleaning at least one thing a day can help you maintain a cleaner home.

Another great method to keeping your home organized or clean is to put things back right after you use them. People often put items in random places around their homes after using them, but this will keep a messier home. Right after you use something, remember to put it back in its place. 

These are just some simple ways to maintain a productive lifestyle as you head into 2020. Should you ever need professional house-cleaning for the home, don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-586-4800.

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