Basic Rules To Keep Your Home Clean & Organized For Longer

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Basic Rules To Keep Your Home Clean & Organized For Longer

If you feel your home gets dirty very fast, you’re not alone. Regardless of the size of your home or the number of people who inhabit it, if the house is not being cleaned regularly, it will get dirty in little time.

Although there are many ways to keep your house clean, there are smarter ways to do it, and if you just follow some of the basic house cleaning rules you will be able to keep your house clean for a longer period.

  • Make sure you keep your dishes clean at all times. Wash your dishes while the food is getting cooked and wash every single dish you use after you’re done with it. That way dishes won’t pile up in the sink.
  • Keep your kitchen sink and counters clean and free of bacteria by spraying an all-purpose cleaner right after each use. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and then wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • Keep a small broom and dustpan in the kitchen so that you pick up the things that fell to the floor while you were cooking – that way you avoid stepping on them and dragging them all around the house.
  • Get rid of newspapers, magazines, and promotional flyers you receive in your mailbox as soon as possible. Don’t let such things pile up.
  • Avoid buying things on impulse just because they are a bargain. That will only accumulate stuff around the house and make your house more difficult to clean. Sometimes it makes sense to stock up on things from Costco, but if you have limited space then this option is also very limited in its value.
  • Don’t leave stacks of clean folded clothes anywhere in the house. As soon as they are folded put them away. By doing things right away you will save yourself the hassle later on.
  • Make your bed in the morning, every morning, without fail, and you will start the day with the right foot out. There is nothing quite like coming back to your bedroom after a long day and seeing a nicely made bed. Chances are, you will sleep much better too.
  • Wash your bedsheets weekly. There is nothing like the feeling of crawling into a bed with fresh sheets, plus, you will avoid the accumulation of dandruff and dust on your bedroom floor. Sheets collect human dust – dead skin cells, dust from the air, grime from daily sweat, etc – do you want to stew in this overnight? Clean your sheets!


When it comes to cleaning everyone has their own general rules. However, certain rules, such as the ones we have highlighted, work very well for everyone to keep our houses clean and organized for an extended period. If you find yourself in a position where these rules are just not enough to keep your house clean, give us a call and we can help you with an excellent, customized professional San Diego house cleaning or carpet cleaning.

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