Are There Benefits of Having a Clean Home?

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Are There Benefits of Having a Clean Home?

Are There Benefits of Having a Clean Home?

Studies have shown that a clean home is important to mental health. An uncluttered home helps reduce anxiety and depression, but what about your physical health? Are there any physical health benefits to having a clean and tidy home? Well, the answer is yes.

There are three incredible health benefits to having a clean home. Read on to learn more.

Reduce Allergies
About 7.8% of American adults have hay fever—cold and flu-like symptoms triggered by airborne allergens.

Having itchy eyes and a runny nose can be a nuisance, especially when you are in your own home. The good news is that household allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander are reduced when your home is vacuumed and cleaned regularly. People with more severe allergies can take other steps to reduce hay fever like using an air purifier, but many times regular dusting and vacuuming is enough to help decrease allergy symptoms.

Decrease Stress
Have you ever heard the saying “cluttered home, cluttered mind”? Well, it’s true. According to an article by Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter, clutter “bombards our mind with excessive stimulation,” and this causes our senses to “work overtime”. Clutter creates a feeling that our work is never done, making it more difficult to relax or focus on other things.

Keeping a tidy home can help increase productivity because clean, open spaces allow you to think clearly and solve problems. More importantly, clutter can make you feel frustrated, especially when you need to find something quickly. Digging through a pile of paperwork to locate a receipt or car keys is not a relaxing task, and stress is linked to health problems like high blood pressure.

Better Sleep
A messy bedroom can also prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Why is sleep important to your overall health? Because a good night’s sleep lowers the risks of heart disease—regardless of age, weight, and exercise habits.

A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that 66% of respondents claimed that a clean bedroom was an important element in getting a good night’s sleep. And 71% “agreed that they get a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent.”

In conclusion, a clean home is beneficial to your health. Allergies are reduced, stress levels decrease, and sleep quality is improved. But what if your schedule doesn’t allow you to clean your home every day? Have you considered hiring some help?

Maid service referral agencies, such as Weekend Maids, can help you find house cleaners in Northern and Southern California. Whether you need a weekly cleaning service, or something less frequent, Weekend Maids allows you to customize your cleaning time.

Get your free cleaning estimate today and enjoy the benefits of a clean home.

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