A Clean Home Means Happy Couples on Valentine’s Day

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A Clean Home Means Happy Couples on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on the 14th day of February every year. That is just a few weeks away. Time is running out. It sounds crazy but yes, time is running out. With work, family, kids, and life in general, the next few weeks will whizz by before we know it. And then comes those last few days when you realize you didn’t have a chance to plan anything meaningful for your significant other.

Clean Home Means Happy Couples on Valentines Day

Sure there are going to be roses, chocolates, maybe even some jewelry. But at the end of the day you and your significant other are going to end up at the same place: your home. I’ll admit I’m biased here but there really is nothing quite like coming home to a clean house. When you have worked so hard to line up everything else for your loved one, a clean home is the frosting on the cake. For some a professional house cleaning is the cake and the frosting! Not surprisingly we see quite a few requests for deep cleanings around February.

 Clean Home for Valentine's Day by Weekend Maids Referral Agency

Every year we are on the receiving end of numerous calls from folks who want to set up a cleaning in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. We do our best to accommodate requests – even up to the ‘midnight hour’ so to speak. I recall one time many years ago when a customer wanted to set up a cleaning for his wife (and for himself I imagine!). He called us from where he and his wife were vacationing (somewhere in Mexico if memory serves me right) to set up a cleaning. The timeline to set up the cleaning and when house cleaners could actually gain entry to their property resulted in a house cleaning scheduled for Midnight on a Sunday! I was surprised to learn that we worked with some house cleaners that were accepting of the job. Fortunately everything worked out and the customer and his wife were able to enter a clean home after a lengthy vacation.

If you are considering setting up a cleaning service for your home, it is never too early to book it.

Until next time I wish you a warm and hearty Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Weekend Maids

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