A Clean Home Can Make You Happy

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A Clean Home Can Make You Happy

We grew up listening to our parents push to keep our rooms clean. And now many of us are in the same position as our parents, demanding that our own children dedicate time to keep things clean. Life was simple back then but now with the amount of work demanded of children at school, the pressures from our jobs/duties, and the general hectic lifestyles we lead it is very difficult to keep the home clean. It is no mystery that a messy home has a direct impact on your mood. In speaking with so many customers who set up house cleanings with us, we learn so much about how customers derive happiness and calm from keeping a clean home, whether they do it themselves or hire professionals. Here are some interesting motivations we have heard from our customers:

  • Consistency – A clean home requires consistent, dedicated effort. If things start to slip in terms of a cleaning schedule then it is very hard to catch up as the house just gets in worse and worse shape and then allocating time becomes even more challenging. Customers block off time to either clean themselves or have professional house cleaners come in on a regular basis to assist with the ‘foundational tasks’, such as cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting.
  • Psyche – Whether spiritual or not, customers have told us that they cannot stand even the sight of a dirty home. It bothers them and then they cannot focus on other tasks knowing that the home is in such a condition. In essence, it impacts one’s ‘psyche’. Keeping the home clean frees up mental energy to focus on other things. For the spiritually inclined, this creates a very healthy psyche 🙂
  • Ownership – We hear from our customers regularly that they are taking charge of the cleanliness of the home because others in the home are unable to step up on a regular basis. Without ownership, the home starts to look dirtier and dirtier over time. Some customers candidly state that they will hire housekeepers for the common living areas but expect their teenage kids to clean their rooms. Ownership can lead to peace of mind, which for most results in a better mood.
  • Predictability – When I was young I remember that when my mom came home from work and saw a messy home her mood went from zero to super-upset in minutes. The last thing she wanted to see was a dirty home after spending the entire day working. She would have liked to come home to a clean house. We hear this regularly from our customers as well. If you know you’re coming home to a clean house it will almost certainly impact your mood in a very positive way.
  • Hygiene – Customers like the idea of cooking in a clean kitchen and knowing that the bathrooms have been sanitized and disinfected. Whether it’s for the family, tenants moving in, or a concerned child arranging for a deep cleaning of their elderly parents’ home, few can argue against the merits of proper hygiene in the home. Customers have told us repeatedly that a clean-smelling home makes them feel happy. There may be something to aromatherapy after all!

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