8 Powerful Tips to Clean An Apartment Balcony

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8 Powerful Tips to Clean An Apartment Balcony

Nothing else pleases more than having a balcony in the house where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. But this is only possible when your balcony is neat and free of all the dirt, dust, and debris. 

Having a balcony is easy but maintaining it and keeping it free from the outside elements such as dirt, dust, and debris is difficult. Like any other area in your house, the balcony also deserves good care and maintenance at regular intervals. 

Cleaning your concrete balcony can be a bit tricky for households who have never done this before. Probably, this is why they wonder- how to clean an apartment balcony. Well, there are tons of ways to make use of it when cleaning your balcony. 

Let us have an insight into the popular ways to clean your apartment balcony and enjoy the weather. 

8 Tips To Clean Apartment Balcony

#1 Collect Loose Dirt

The key to getting started with cleaning your apartment balcony is getting rid of all the loose dirt and dust. There must be plenty of dust, dirt, and leaves spread on the floor of your balcony. Consequently, begin sweeping off the loose dirt. 

While doing so, ensure to use a stiff-bristled broom for the best results. These brooms are ideal for concrete surfaces and help you in getting rid of loose dirt easily. 

#2 Mop Your Balcony

Once you are done with collecting the loose dirt and dust, the next way forward is to mop your balcony. For this, make a cleaning solution comprising warm water and detergent to break apart the stubborn dirt left off by the broom. 

Clean the balcony floor thoroughly with the cleaning solution to ensure there is no dirt left. You can also make use of a sponge, dip it in the cleaning solution, and wipe down the floor. 

#3 Use Laundry Detergent for Rust Stains

Having stubborn rust stains on your balcony floor and balcony windows can also make it look dirty. It can be on account of the metal surfaces present on the balcony. Luckily, you can get rid of rust stains using laundry detergent. 

Once you have applied the detergent, leave it over there for some time and scrub it afterward. After scrubbing, simply rinse it off with water and repeat this several times to make your balcony look great. 

#4 Commercial Cleaners

Using widely available commercial cleaners to help you vanish grease stains on the balcony floor works like a wonder. Simply spray the cleaner on the balcony floor and let it sit there for some time. Give it a nice scrub with a stiff-bristled brush. 

But before you use commercial cleaners, ensure to read the instructions clearly and figure out if the cleaner serves your purpose or not. You can also use a multi-surface cleaner to clean the balcony without a hose. 

#5 Use a Pressure Washer

In addition to the ways mentioned above, using a pressure washer for cleaning the balcony is also considered highly effective. By using the pressure washer, you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing or brushing the balcony as the pressure washer itself is enough. 

A pressure washer is extremely effective in getting rid of dust, dirt, leaf, and oil stains from your balcony floor.

#6 Diluted Bleach for Mold and Mildew

Another great tip for cleaning your balcony is to use diluted bleach for mold and mildew. Bleach acts as a wonderful cleaning agent to clean the terrace and balcony, especially with mold and mildew. 

Before applying it, dilute it with warm water and then spray it on the surface. Let it sit there for an hour or so and lastly, rinse it off with clean water. But before using bleach, make sure to wear protection such as gloves to protect your skin. 

#7 Dish Detergent

Do you have scattered leaves on your balcony floor? If this is so, then dish detergent might work wonders for you. Use the dish detergent to get rid of stains left behind by leaves and leave the detergent on it for about an hour. 

Lastly, scrub the floor with warm water and notice the difference. You can also repeat this several times to get the best results. 

#8 Clean Water

No matter how many bleach, detergents, or commercial cleaners may come and go, clean water is something that acts as magic in the end. After applying everything, give your balcony one final rinse with clean water. 

Doing this will help you get rid of all the build-up residue and is regarded as the best to clean your balcony.

Wrapping Up

Now no more wondering- How to clean an apartment balcony as all the above-mentioned ways are super effective in cleaning your balcony thoroughly and giving you a great time. Consequently, ensure to clean your balcony at regular intervals.

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