7 Surprising Health Benefits of a Clean House

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of a Clean House

Have you ever had to excuse yourself to guests for having a cluttered, messy or dirty home? If so, don’t feel bad as you’re not alone.

Studies have shown that the average full-time American employee works around 1,700 hours per year which leaves us with only a few hours a day to take care of duties outside the workplace, like house cleaning.

Neglecting house cleaning duties can have harmful effects on our physical and mental health. However, these downsides can be offset by keeping a clean and tidy home and in fact, having a clean house has nothing but benefits to our health. So read on to learn the many benefits of a clean house.

Benefit #1 – Reduces Stress

Maintaining your house clean at all times can help prevent or relieve stress as it keeps things in order and in place making it easier to find things when you are in a hurry and gives you more time to sit back, put your feet up and relax when you arrive home.

Benefit #2 – Improves Mental Health

Keeping a clean  and tidy environment at home has great benefits to your mental health as it keeps your mind focused and can help prevent depression too.

Benefit #3 – Reduces Allergies

A regular / general periodic cleaning is the best way to reduce allergens, dust and other types of irritating products that can trigger allergies and other respiratory problems such as asthma. A regular cleaning maintains the cleanliness of your home, keeping you and your family safe from dust, pet dander or dust mites that can cause cold-like symptoms.

Benefit #4 – Improves Concentration

There is nothing better that being at home and knowing that everything is under control. A top-to-bottom detailed cleaning not only de-clutters your home, it also helps de-clutter your mind from unnecessary worries making you feel more focused on things that really need your attention.

Benefit #5 – Sanitation

Cleaning every area of your home with the right products and disinfectants will keep your house safe from bacteria and viruses that can compromise your health, something all new or expectant mothers need to keep in mind, as newborns and toddlers are much more likely to get sick due to their less mature immune systems.

Benefit #6 – Lowers the chance of injury

Keeping your house organized reduces the risk of suffering injuries by minimizing cluttered areas. For example, if you had a gathering at your home there could be a chance that the next day you will have all kinds of things scattered around your house, which can increase the risk of injury. To prevent unnecessary accidents a before & after party clean up will be of a lot of help.

Benefit #7 – Improves Eating Habits

It is proven that people who keep their kitchens clean are more likely to choose eating fruits or vegetables over junk food. Dirty and cluttered kitchens are stressful for the brain and stress leads your brain to choose comfort foods over healthy food.

As you can see, maintaining your house clean has many health benefits and can make your life simpler, more enjoyable and also safer for all members of your family.
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