Deep Cleaning

From keeping all things where they should be to continue cleaning the counters, clearing the floors, or vacuuming your rugs, we realize that there is a ton that goes into keeping your home clean. In any case, in addition, there are regions in your home that may be expected for profound cleaning.

Over the long run, residue and soil can develop in better places all through your home. However, there’s that expression out of the picture and therefore irrelevant. However, on the grounds that you can’t constantly see that development doesn’t make it disappear.

Take a look at these different places in your And remember — there’s nothing wrong with asking for professional help. At Weekend Maids, we are committed to helping you find your perfect house cleaning services for your Southern California home. Find your local office and contact us today to get started!


Deep cleaning isn’t something you really want to stress over each week or month. Be that as it may, it’s really smart to actually take a look at these better places in your home and check whether they’re expected for a Deep clean.

And on second thought of cleaning these spaces yourself, just let our reference office in on what kind of Deep cleaning you want and we’ll observe the best house cleaning services for you!


Try not to ignore the upholstery all through your home, including your furnishings and window shades. It’s normal to spill something on your furnishings, particularly on the off chance that you have youngsters. In addition, upholstery can gather dust and other dirt. Utilize a vacuum or texture cleaner to give your upholstery a profound clean – and eliminate any stains.


Since you can’t see the highest point of your fan cutting edges doesn’t mean they aren’t gathering residue and pet hair. Utilize a duster to clear off the highest point of your fan cutting edges – you may be astonished at the dust bunnies that surface!


Investigate the area where you keep your garbage bins. The area encompassing your jars, alongside the lower part of your jars, are inclined to spills and dribbles, leaving you with dried food and little bits of rubbish. Take some to clean and sanitize both the lower part of your garbage cans and the encompassing area!


The air you inhale emerges from air vents, so ensure you’re not breathing air that is gone through a dusty air vent. Run a duster over the vents in your home to keep your filtered air fresh!


Baseboards range the distance of your home, so ensure they’re spotless. Utilize a duster to eliminate any residue from the highest point of your baseboards. Assuming you have different messes or soil on your baseboard, clean them with microfiber material and a warm foamy combination.


When was the last time you took a look underneath your fridge or stove? Since you cook in the kitchen, there’s a high chance that some leftover crumbs have collected underneath your appliances. In addition, if you have any pets, you might find a collection of pet hair and toys lurking underneath your cabinets.

Whether your home is in need of a deep clean or if you want housekeeping assistance for your week-to-week cleaning needs, our referral agency is here to help! Our team at Weekend Maids Service is committed to helping you find your perfect match throughout Southern California, including:

To get started, just contact your local office, let us know the house cleaning services you need, and we’ll get to work finding your perfect match. To learn more about our referral agency and the benefits of house cleaning services, make sure you follow our blog!



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