6 Amazing Hacks to Stay Warm During Winter (Without Running the Heater)

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6 Amazing Hacks to Stay Warm During Winter (Without Running the Heater)

If making it through the winter without a significant increase in your energy bill is something you have been dreaming about, continue reading because it is possible.

From insulated shoes to unique homemade hand warmers, here is a list of 6 hacks to stay warm and cozy during winter, and save money on your energy bill at the same time:

1. Open your curtains in the morning

This may seem very obvious, but sometimes we forget that the simplest things can do wonders. Open your curtains in the morning to allow the sunlight to flow in. The sunlight will bounce on your walls and furniture and heat the entire room.

2. Block cold air with pipe insulation

Stop the flow of cold air inside your house by using pipe insulation material on gaps that you find in doors or windows. It is particularly effective to use in the large gaps found under the doors. Get a piece of pipe insulation, open it up, and wrap the bottom part of the door with it.

3. Bake some cookies

Cooking in the oven is a great idea to keep your house warm. Your house will get warm every time you cook and to make better use of that heat, leave the oven door open after you’ve stopped cooking to allow the remaining hot air to spread out.

4. Insulate your shoes with wool

A very easy and inexpensive way to keep your feet warm is by insulating them with wool. Simply get a piece of wool and cut out a pair of sole-shaped pieces. Put them inside your pair of shoes and voilá, instant toasty toes!

5. Cover your windows with quilts

Insulate your windows with old quilts. Use them as curtains to keep the heat inside the room. The thicker the quilt, the better. This will help you save a lot of energy and keep you warm at the same time.

6. Make your hand warmer

Get one large and one smaller Ziploc bag, a bag of calcium chloride ice melter pellets, and water. Take the largest Ziploc bag and fill it halfway with the pellets, then take the smallest Ziploc bag and fill it with water, seal it and place it inside the larger bag, then seal the larger bag making sure there’s not much air in either bag. Next time you’re cold just squeeze the inner bag until the water comes out and mixes with the pellets. You will feel how it warms up instantly.

A warm and clean house during winter without spending lots of money is possible with the previous tips and our coupons for house cleaning services. Check out the services we offer and give us a call to schedule your next winter clean-out!

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