5 Ways to Prevent Allergies During Spring Season

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For many of us Spring is a joyful time, as the weather starts warming up, the rainy and cloudy days become less frequent, and all plants are blooming around us. It sounds like heaven but for a large number of people, it is hell on Earth!

If you’re one of those who suffer from severe or even mild allergies during Spring, there are many ways to lessen the effects of allergens on you. So close those windows and read on.

1. Keep pets away from the bedroom


We know it’s hard to keep them out of your bedroom, especially when they give you that sad look. However to be able to take care of them, you have to take care of yourself first. Your pet’s dried skin, saliva, and hair are some of the major causes of allergy symptoms even when you’re inside your home.

2. Remove all carpets

The house may feel and seem a little colder without the carpeting but there is a good reason to remove them. Carpets are one of the favorite spots for dust mites, so it is better to remove them at least during Spring, where everything around you seems to want to attack your immune system.

If you really like your carpeting and don’t want to ditch get rid of it, we highly suggest that you hire carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services at least three times a year and that you vacuum on a daily basis (or have a house cleaner do it for you as the dust that rises when you vacuum can also cause you allergies).

3. Scrub off mold

If you notice a dark or green spot on your bathroom walls, shower or curtains, it’s time to clean your bathroom. Mold produces spores that fly through the air can cause sneezing, wheezing and many other allergic reactions. Scrub the mold in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you see it either with diluted bleach or white vinegar.

4. Run the AC

Contrary to what most of us believe, running the AC might actually help with allergy symptoms as it reduces humidity in the house and forces you to keep all windows closed. Just remember to keep your AC filters clean. AC filters should be changed every season. HVAC specialists have told us that the washable filters that can be customized with scissors are more than sufficient for filtration.

5. Clean your house on a regular basis

When you suffer from allergies this is a must. Allergies not only happen during allergy season, they are also triggered by everyday dust and common allergens found in all houses. That’s why having a regular housecleaning is key to keep allergens at bay.
We hope these tips help you have an allergy-free Spring, and if you need help with your housecleaning give us a call. At Weekend Maids, we can set you up with a professional maid that covers your specific needs.

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