5 Tips to Help Keep Your Kitchen Organized in 2020

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5 Tips to Help Keep Your Kitchen Organized in 2020

What’s your top New Year’s resolution for 2020? Is it eating healthier? Or maybe you want to read more? For me, it’s all about continuing my resolution from last year: maintaining an organized home.

I began 2019 with the intention of not letting clutter accumulate, and I did pretty well for a while. However, the struggle was staying motivated once the tidiness started to slip and clutter began to grow, especially in my kitchen. So, I set out on a quest to find ways to fight the clutter and focus on my New Year’s cleaning resolution.

Here are the top five tips that I found useful, and I think they will help you maintain a clean kitchen in 2020.

  1. Tidy Up the Kitchen Drawers

It’s easy to toss kitchen accessories like spatulas and can openers into drawers where they become a pile of tangled gadgets. Using small baskets to create compartments is a great way to keep your kitchen drawers organized, and it also helps you find the tools you need much faster.

  1. Not Everything Fits in a Drawer

What can you do with kitchen gadgets and utensils that don’t fit in a drawer? How about hanging the oversized items?

A decorative towel rack makes for a stylish organizing tool. Or, you can get creative by using a pegboard to make a customized, eye-catching display. Here are the instructions for the DIY pegboard organizer.

  1. What About Under the Sink?

Too often, the cabinets under the sink become a place to stockpile items that are seldom used. The solution to maintaining an organized sink cabinet is as simple as the kitchen drawers, use storage bins.

Medium-sized storage bins keep items like cleaning products nice and neat. You can even use a small plastic drawer bin to keep first-aid items together and easy to find.

  1. Jars Aren’t Just for Jam

I love using clear jars to store beans, rice, and kinds of pasta. Jars allow you to see what’s inside, so finding the pasta that you need is a snap. I also like using small jars to hold my snacks like trail mix and assorted nuts.

  1. There’s So Many Uses for Tension Rods

Tension rods can be used in so many ways. You can mount them horizontally to hang cleaning products. Use S-hooks to hang mugs and tea cups. Or, you can mount them vertically to keep cookie trays and other baking tools organized.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that change doesn’t happen overnight. You have to build up your organizational habits. Also, don’t let the clutter get to you. Put things away as soon as possible, and let go of items you don’t use.

Well, those are my five top tips. They have helped me maintain a clean and organized home, I hope these tips will help you too.

Please contact Weekend Maids if you would like to schedule a house cleaning to help kick off your cleaning resolution.

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