5 Incredibly Delicious & Healthy Breakfast Toasts

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5 Incredibly Delicious & Healthy Breakfast Toasts

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however, due to the fast-paced American lifestyle, we don’t always have the time to sit down and enjoy a good and healthy breakfast, or to calmly sip a cup of coffee, or where we don’t even have time to get the house cleaning chores done, we end up having just anything that can fill our stomach for a couple of hours, regardless of whether it is healthy or not.

Luckily, there is a way to end this vicious habit and it’s incredibly easy. Here are five delicious and healthy breakfast toast recipes that are also very simple to prepare when you’re in a rush:

1. Banana, peanut butter & sunflower seeds.

Toast a slice of your favorite bread and spread a generous amount of homemade peanut butter (grind a handful of natural, unsalted, unroasted peanuts until it becomes a paste and add natural honey to taste and a pinch of salt), followed by slices of banana and sprinkle some sunflower seeds.

2. Boiled egg, refried beans and salsa

Boil an egg for about 7 minutes, toast a slice of your favorite bread, spread some refried beans on top followed by slices of boiled egg, and top it off with your favorite salsa.

3. Spinach, pear, ricotta and honey

Spread some ricotta cheese on a toast, and top it off with spinach, slices of pear, and some drops of natural honey

4. Avocado, pomegranate and feta cheese

Smash half an avocado until it becomes a paste, spread it over toast, and top it off with feta cheese crumbles and pomegranate. It’s incredibly delicious and very healthy, it will make you feel very energized.

5. Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber

Spread cream cheese to taste and add some thin slices of cucumber on top and a slice of smoked salmon, sprinkle some sea salt or pepper to taste.

We hope you enjoyed these simple but tasty recipes. Remember that a healthy life starts at home, so if you need to turn your house into a healthy environment for yourself and your family, give a call to Weekend Maids, we can refer you best maids in San Diego to help you keep your house clean at all times and help you live the healthy life you deserve.

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