5 Easy Ways to Clean Couch Cushions That Cannot be Removed

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5 Easy Ways to Clean Couch Cushions That Cannot be Removed

The couch cushions lying in the living room are most prone to dirt, dust, and debris. The reason behind the same is that most people spend their time in the living rooms making themselves comfortable on the sofa. 

No doubt that the cushions are designed for daily wear and tear but you also need to realize that cushions require proper cleaning and care to maintain the appearance of your furniture. 

Things can get worse when you have a pet in your house because the pet sheds lots of hair and makes the couch cushions dirty. Consequently, keeping the couch cushions clean is of paramount importance. 

Here are some of the popular ways- How to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

Ways to Clean Couch Cushions:

Vacuuming your couch cushions

The foremost and most effective way to clean your couch cushions is by vacuuming your cushion covers. Use a soft brush and wipe off the dirt, dust, hair, or pet hair from the couch cushions. If your vacuum cleaner does not have an upholstery attachment, you need to be careful while using the vacuum cleaner. The best way to use such vacuum cleaners is using a low-power setting so that the fabric of the cushion does not get torn. 

Cushion’s label 

Due to the wide variety of cushion fabrics, it’s better to read the label on the cushion. The labels are usually at the back of the cushion or under one of the cushions. The label contains information on how to clean the cushion. 

Consequently, you’ll come to know if you need water-based products or should opt for dry cleaning solvent stain remover to get rid of any stains or dirt from the couch cushions. 

Water-based cleaning products 

The next best way to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and debris out of your couch cushions is by using water-based cleaning products. You can make a cleaning solution consisting of dish soap and warm water. Simply dab the stain on the couch cushion and avoid scrubbing it. 

In case this doesn’t work, then you can prefer using more active cleaning products. Besides this, the cleaning solution made from baking soda and warm water also works wonders especially to clean the stains. The active agents in the soda will lift the grease and make your couch cushion clean. 

Likewise, a cleaning solution made from equal portions of vinegar and water is also effective in cleaning out the stains. If you are unsure about the solution leading to discoloration, then try it on a small piece of cushion before you apply it to the stain. 

Solvent-based cleaning products 

Besides the water cleaning products, you can also try solvent-based cleaning products. While using the solvent cleaning products, always ventilate the room first and then begin. Simply take an air compressor from your office, and apply the solvent-based cleaner to the cushion cover. 

Once you are done with this, there’ll be no more stains but make sure the water should not come in contact with the cushion cover. 

Use steam 

Another great way to clean the couch cushions is by using steam. Steam cleaning is a highly effective way to wipe off all the dirt and stains from the couch cushions. While you do the steam cleaning, make sure to add soap or cleaning products to the steam cleaner to ensure deep cleaning. 

The heat resulting from the steam will draw out the dirt and also the stains. Steam cleaning will assist you in getting rid of the bacteria and eliminate the unpleasant odors coming from the cushions. If you don’t have a steam cleaner at home, you can also rent out the steam cleaners. 

Good beating 

Once you are done cleaning your couch cushions, you can also give them a good beating to eliminate the dry dirt and wrinkles if present. Putting a pillowcase over the cushions and running a clothes iron for about 30 seconds also works. 

A Good beating is also good for tackling any stains. But in case your cushions cannot be removed at any cost, then you can skip this step. 

Disinfect cushions with hydrogen peroxide 

You can use the diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide if you want to disinfect couch cushions covers. But ensure to mix only 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide in warm water. Another thing to bear in mind is that the cushions must be dry before you apply the hydrogen peroxide as otherwise your couch cushion will get damaged. 

Wrapping Up

Usually, it seems a headache to people to clean the couch cushions which are difficult to remove but by using the tips mentioned above, households can easily clean the couch cushions. Make it a habit to consistently clean the couch cushions at regular intervals so that it doesn’t get dirty too much. 

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