4 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Bed Sheets More Often

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4 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Bed Sheets More Often

Doing laundry is an annoying chore, but the real pain for many of us relies on washing the bed sheets. However, whether we like it or not, maintaining bed sheets clean is highly important for many reasons.

Here are four reasons that will help you understand why washing your bed sheets on a regular basis is highly important:

Reason #1 – It’s necessary to maintain good hygiene

The main reason why washing your bed sheets is an annoying but necessary chore is because we shed an approximately a million skin cells a day, and some of those come off when we sleep.

Those dead skin cells create a tasty buffet for dust mites. These microscopic creatures, as all things live, eat your dead cells and also excrete and eventually die and they do so on your bed. So unless you want to live immersed in a bed full of these eight-legged fellows along with their corpses, eggs, and waste, you need to wash your bed sheets regularly, otherwise, you could start developing health problems.

Reason #2 – Dirty bed sheets can lead to skin problems

Many people tend to think that acne problems are the result of bad eating habits and nothing else, but this is far from the truth. Suffering from acne problems could also be the result of bad hygiene.

Your body produces natural oils, sweat and other fluids 24/7. This means that even when you’re sleeping your body is still producing those necessary fluids, which of course end up on your pillowcase and bed sheets. Although these secretions are necessary to keep a balance, they will later become a source of infection and will affect your skin in many ways.

Reason #3 – Dirty bed sheets increase the chance of immune system problems

As we said, your body excretes certain fluids that are natural to keep the body working at its best, but when your bed sheets get covered in sweat, dead skin cells, oils, dirt, bacteria, and even food crumbs, all of this will make a bacteria soup that could become hazardous for your health, resulting in allergies, breakouts and other skin problems or stomach and even eye infections.

Reason #4 – Clean bed sheets increase comfort

There are few things that compare to the comfort of laying down on freshly washed sheets. Clean bed sheets feel soft after washed and smell nice. Recently washed sheets will help you relax and sleep better. This is definitely better than smelling dirt and sweat in your bed.

After this being said, if you want to maintain a good health we recommend you to wash your sheets at least once a week to prevent lying in a bed full of dirt and bacteria.

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